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for a good life, we just might have to weaken

And find somewhere to go
Go somewhere we're needed
Find somewhere to grow
Grow somewhere were
For for a good life
We just might have to weaken
And find somewhere to go

Go somewhere we're needed
Find somewhere to grow
Go somewhere we're
This feeling tonight
I know I weaken when I
When I look in your eye
And you're holding me tight
We're in love, you and I
You turn my sixes to nines
Leave the things that seem to weaken us
Without fear, leave your lies
Let the magic turn your life around

If I would choose to touch you there
To visit a plane, exploring in time
To capture a view
To weaken the strong, to strengthen the weak
To colour a view

To visit a plane, exploring in time
Cleanse this soul, this evil weakens
Air and fire, water and earth
Cleanse this soul, expel this demon

Light the bundle, shake it gently
My true embrace
Now that you're subdued
I begin to weaken you
Rise and fall
We decompose

Prey on the masses
Conscience relapses
The less we
the future and put wrong the rights when they are said

We've trodden doen this ancient trail before and it weakens
Weakens and my strength is running poor
Golden eyes are sleeping
Mouths of ruby screaming
Im just busy being

Minds will grow and deepend
Fathers chains will weaken
fear this act
Embrace the FVTVRE then you will see

My arms are heavy

My face is numb and pale behind this crooked veil

(crooked veil)


The light slowly weakens
your lungs
And it weakens your resistance to love
I could go to law school
Take over daddy's practice
It would make Nana happy and that's something
Said the waves to the sand
I could be nothing without you

Each ones shifts and weakens a little
Neither aware just how much they are brittle
disappears in smoke
You deserve it

Heel and you hoe and you've fallen behind
A handful of knowledge that weakens your mind
A heart full of truth and it's
pressing on
She weakens behind his eyes
She urns for him inside her
Collapsing by the bedside

You want more
You got more
Can't be too safe girl
the goosebumps
You make me quiver and stumble my mind
You give me the goosebumps
My knees weaken when I look in your eyes
You give me the goosebumps
For my love I
world, not again, this breeds fear
My life weakens and the pain I hold tight
Life hurts so now, I have no power here

Cease living somehow, I long
this vicious jealousy
That weakens your sanity
Turn away, the truth unbroken
Leave for once this vicious jealousy
That weakens your sanity once and for
and everything pushing me to weaken
Feel like I am sinking
Wish that I could push this all away
Please you remember

I will never be the same
Please you
the shadows and the light were one
True hunting is overNo herds to follow
Without game, men prey on each other
The family weakens by the bite we swallow
Is now hanging face to the wall

At night I'm never alone
I'm afraid that I'll weaken and phone
And I'm afraid that you will be gone
I'm with
Waitin' for my heart to weaken 
It's like we're playing hide and seek 
And I'm the one who's always seeking 

Are you sure love is the name
weaken moment and every night and day just seems to keep on keeping on
And baby it's gonna take
Yes I've been lovin' you a long long time
(George Jones - George Riddle)
« © '63 Glad Music »

Look out heart I can tell you have weaken
For I feel those heartaches
Baby's Gone
My hand is trembling
As the key unlocks the door
My legs are shaky

As I walk across the floor
My voice weakens
As I call out,

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