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weakens the knees/
And smash you with a statue of Jesus that bleeds/
the way
All for you to weaken and sedate
So contrived and watered down
A fucking shadow of what should have been

Isolate so you can separate -
Entombment of a machine.

What stands before us, 
Is not a machine.
What stands before us, 
Is not a machine.

My legs weaken at the sight, 
Of this
Apocalyptic scenery forms
To weaken my courage
And scare me by dawn
See my objective ahead
There lies the cavern

Sent here
By the gods in my visions
of percocet
1910 all the factory workers said
Yes we can demand a weekend
If we can get the man to weaken
So if you're ready than send a beacon
To be
I will never love you, do what you will. 
I will never lick you the way I do so well. 
You now weaken your voice. 
Ah, hey. 

I will never talk
I can't weaken your defense
I hear your voice
It's just a dream, it's just a dream
Hard to believe, it's just a dream

You saw me standing next
Show me the lines that bind inside
Tell me the lines that bind you...inside

High chairs creakin'
But the minds won't weaken
Soil in the pot
And then
to pieces
Shattered by the silent treatment
Things are only fragile till they break
Feigning your humility
It only serves to weaken the
Most common
so new, so hoary
Build a tower of strength and watch it weaken
Construct high hopes as the brightest beacon
Watch the seagulls eat the trash
Without strength our captors weaken
We do our best to do our best and die
The one who betrayed, the one that we hate
He tried to weaken our lands
With his pain aglow
But hear me brethren:
I see us rising, freezing
You build me up 
And then you break me down
And build me again (emotion's weaken)

My blood is spilled
With lust 
Knowing someone's wanting
of you, and I hate it
My pride I had to eat it, like Adam when he's in eden
My hope, started to weaken, crown and coke on the weekend
Hope I don't feel
Old suns fade away their transmission weakens
Every now and again they just emit aggressive lights
Mass imagination charmers don't know where to go
and gone
My life means more, I will carry on
Leave me now and don't come near
I don't weaken at the sight of tears

I'm not the same anymore
I've grown so
One lie weakens a million truths 
Does it heal or does it steal?
Pockets hang out like surrendered flags 
The cracks on the street 
riled up
You've got to grit your teeth get a grip don't freak

Can you feel it? 
Your finest hour
Don't freeze, don't breathe, don't weaken your knees
Careful what you say
This time of year
Tends to weaken me
And have a little decency
And let me cry in peace
But there's a place where I
with it
Up in the stu' sometimes I put the beef in it
Fuck who critiquing it, I'm out they reach with it
I cannot dumb it down, I cannot weaken it
the comments section 
Content to destroy from within   
Echo chamber that  weakens our power 
Blank faces that say I've heard this before.  

We can no longer
I have felt before. On trial my confidence weakens. I'm close to defeat But tonight the verdict will be televised.  Calling no witnesses to the stand
Injected from unsuspecting trusted sources, coursing through their veins                       
The body breaks down, the mind weakens
 Forced to believe
and destructed me
To make me want stay
in this chaotic world
All you need to give me is
time for imagination

can toughen you and weaken you

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