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his white hood
Redneck disease
He fills my mouth
Weakens my knees
And I am gutted
Down to the floor
I rode the monster
He wanted more

Take me,
As the pious arise to the first of the apertures breathing
Like a stain on the armament weakens the imminent score
There's a trace of decay through
a parasite feasting on prey
Weakens until you collapse
Like a fool you fell into his traps
If you fed the rock then you reveal an ugly scene
But the strength of 10 000 will never weaken me
Witches like a razor blade you carve me halve
and me and the path that leads us...

Encircled by fiends, the pressure deepens dazed by illusions,
My reason weakens but I won't let you fall into deep
If you peek in, Can't you see I'm goin' to weaken?
Ma, he wants to marry me,
Be my honey bee.
Ma, I'm meeting with resistance, 
I shall holler for
weaken but I wasn't strong
I see mem'ries of a love gone bad that time can't erase
But I just can't see a stranger in my place

No one seems to know you
I heard the front door closing softly as I weaken from my sleep
With the last touch of her lips Lord like a whisper on my cheek
And I cursed
If you peek in, Can't you see I'm goin' to weaken?
Ma, he wants to marry me,
Be my honey bee.
Ma, I'm meeting with resistance, 
I shall holler for
Such a long road
My souls so cold
Weaken all my bones
But I gotta work hard
Just to reach my goal
Such a long way to go
So many miles left
But I'm
and sizing up doing fit
The truth is dude's hand, and they over resolve the doop
We're cutting hands off if hands is slow the move
I'ma stand, feel weaken
and every human being
Cocaine and E will only take away your decency
Caffeine and nicotine secretly can weaken me
Can't you see, the key ingredient'd be
the amalgamation of pain and fatigue
Culminating in your brain
I'm a disease, uh
You never heard of me, you'll listen
When I attack your spinal cord and weaken
For the Pharaoh is cursed and soon will die

Give to me eternal life

The vulture and the cobra
weaken as his life fades
To give way to a suffering view
can weaken up
Can't be a pussy, you know I be speakin' up
I'm on alert from the niggas who sneakin' up, yeah
When she fuck me, she look in my eyes
a lot dear father

the weaken is attacked
it is same here & there
but I'm happy now
it's just good
'cos have very small brain
As the fog creeps in
This sword and this armor
Will forever keep me warm
yourself weaken
And I wish I could have offered you my heart in return

The love you deserved
""An old man sits on his throne His limbs all weaken'd and gray What is a king with no kingdom to rule This quandary troubles his mind  I am

You throw me in the air
Higher and higher
When I first met you, you were just looking for fun
You throw me in the air
Faster and faster
You weaken
measured in precious days

Growing, the annoyance
Abrades his inner balance

The many frictions disturbing his mind
Weaken his detachment, strengthen his
Real love, luck, joy of life 
It weakens your essence 

When the fear is so near 
Let it fall down 
Let the tears in your fears 
Let them fall down
alone under the shine of the moon 
hold on sailor, tighten the cables 
steady the vessel 
its a good life if you don't weaken 
hold on, hold on
As the sky darkens, the warriors awaken
The feeble have fallen, opposition is weaken

Strategic in play, trapped in vein

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