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Ivory Tower
Behind sullen doors
Untouched within
Safe from summer storms
And winter winds
Relentless tempests
Can weaken walls
Towers falter when
plains, through city streets,
In the hills evil meets defeat.
Covens one by on fall by metal's hand,
As the dark forces weaken.
The monster rages
a happy slave

May this cold sever my face
And my the pain weaken my fists
No inner strife will touch me
The only truth is in my heart
Deep in your soul

Your death is my demise - The astral body weakens
Your brain in my brain - Waiting for new life
Don't you call me Jesus Christ ?
of chemicals from which this all began
Bio-weapons on the loose but warfare's not the answer
How easy men weaken when life is on the line attempting to close
And a prayer from the deacon as you weaken 

And words from the Funkmaster Flex dogs shouldn't have been reachin 

There's only one Gunz, from what it's
grow slowly
I always touch it, but it's making me meaner
The smell of it weakens my un-holy

You say you taste the frozen sorrow
Well, we can feel
Wastes of life, bottom feeders
Hunt them down, feel them weaken
Burn the liars, burn them fucking down
Expose them to the masses
Then turn them
Don't go tonight

You oughta know it, but it happens all the time
Is there a question? You treat it like a crime
And in the walls you weaken
ever get what you need?
Or do you detach from necessity and apply the act of greed?
Do you ever dream with the dreamers?
Do you ever weaken the weak?
Careful what you say
This time of year
Tends to weaken me
And have a little decency
And let me cry in peace
But there's a place where I
Settle with concord?

Still the hunger prey on heart
Eats away at a growing void
A peace that weakens the spirit
A war that needs a world
Grant me
I have felt before. On trial my confidence weakens. I'm close to defeat But tonight the verdict will be televised.  Calling no witnesses to the stand
If you peek in, Can't you see I'm goin' to weaken?
Ma, he wants to marry me,
Be my honey bee.
Ma, I'm meeting with resistance, 
I shall holler for
a parasite feasting on prey
Weakens until you collapse
Like a fool you fell into his traps
If you fed the rock then you reveal an ugly scene
But the strength of 10 000 will never weaken me
Witches like a razor blade you carve me halve
and me and the path that leads us...

Encircled by fiends, the pressure deepens dazed by illusions,
My reason weakens but I won't let you fall into deep
in weaken watch and grow
Just try to treat me excellent as all

All like you, I have nothing, dollars not for you 'cause
I love you, song the songs
to coagulate
My body weakens and sinks
As my soul discorporates

Resurrected from the souls of the damned, comes the fury of their dismay

Ungodly images
his white hood
Redneck disease
He fills my mouth
Weakens my knees
And I am gutted
Down to the floor
I rode the monster
He wanted more

Take me,
As the pious arise to the first of the apertures breathing
Like a stain on the armament weakens the imminent score
There's a trace of decay through
If you peek in, Can't you see I'm goin' to weaken?
Ma, he wants to marry me,
Be my honey bee.
Ma, I'm meeting with resistance, 
I shall holler for
weaken but I wasn't strong
I see mem'ries of a love gone bad that time can't erase
But I just can't see a stranger in my place

No one seems to know you
I heard the front door closing softly as I weaken from my sleep
With the last touch of her lips Lord like a whisper on my cheek
And I cursed

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