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Your true colors shine through 
The space between us must b used 
To hasten our future 
I won't b torn by it or let it 
Weaken me 
Get out 
No wait
Yuh like it yuh like it
Chorus Instrumental
V2 - Christopher Martin
Girl you're gonna love my sugar cain
Sweetest vibe I'm delivering
Weaken your knees
how I'm feeling
And I know that you know and
This is just between us

Get that feeling you feel me and
Our legs weaken, we fall, we fall
Into each other
this chapter of your lives.

I'm drowning in my head
from all that's left unsaid.
The trees are losing leaves
just as your body weakens.
apart weaken flesh
Darkness make me to forget

The pain, the fear, at last 
Be the one I chose
And live, I feast 
Regeneration evolution

Falling from
me feel poor
envy weakens me and my core
I am the ungrateful, ugly spy
who would change reality with a lie

I want to steal
your trophies
to own them
teenage queen
(Happy birthday miss teen)
Today is your special day
And always remember
The age you get with each birthday
Is not to weaken you
But just
‘til you ball through the ceiling
But whoop the stocks so these muthafuckaz see it
You niggas can’t weaken us (too strong)
Go tell them haters keep it up
a boxer 
I would weaken with age
and bask in the glory in the memory of days
when life was sweet
and sometimes even sweeter
a naive believer in the workings

Surely there is a way
The chaos weakens your hearts
To keep these creatures at bay
Your quest was doomed from the start
But the ancient ways are gone
By no
Babylon is trying to divide
to weaken us and take away our rights
let them think that we believe their doctrine their lies
like the Trojans from within we
Fade out 
Fade out like you
Fade out
Fade out 
Fade out like you

You list the things that combat you
It's a grim place to be 
Grip weakens, reluctant
If you peek in, Can't you see I'm goin' to weaken?
Ma, he wants to marry me,
Be my honey bee.
Ma, I'm meeting with resistance, 
I shall holler for
If you want to be in my gang
Stand up with me
We'll start a revolution
We'll make the streets free
We'll never weaken
We'll give it our best
as to weaken so many of my people
Passed away like leaves in the wind
Or kids blowing ashes from trays
I possess the ghetto essence of that which I portray
telling many lies 

I will be his servant 
But imprecate his word 
No sign of magic power 
No act of treachery 

Learning all his evil 
He weakens
your head up to the golden future
Strong weaken as time deserts the past
And in truth we give so that our souls can live
Come on, get off the beaten
If you peek in, Can't you see I'm goin' to weaken?
Ma, he wants to marry me,
Be my honey bee.
Ma, I'm meeting with resistance, 
I shall holler for
Kept safe and sound in phone lines
The distance makes the stronger weaken
So many days we'll never know

Well, don't give away
What we've tried so hard
Every morning I'm broken,
Every day I die
Every night I weaken 
And every night I cry

Standing in the rain,
In the street outside
is too hot, so it's time that you break

Weaken the weak
Is the snake technique 
Is the snake technique 
Is the snake technique 
Is the snake
Cancer spreading

Detested, sickened minions
Burrow to safety

March with the storm
Whisper supremacy
Conquer the throne of allegiance
to stop weakens.
Filth smoulders in the ashtray as you draw the vileness into your lungs.
Killing yourself, subjecting others to the air that your smoke
disturbs me
It casts a disguise on the sun
In the end it's the wind that will weaken
And the human goes from billions to none
The wind will regain all

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