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Vanishing Point  


as well
I leave it all, I leave it all
I leave it all

Vanishing into the night
I leave it all
I leave it all
I leave it all
I leave it all
This breaking vow
Rest so near my tongue
Anchor on the cloud
Shade upon the sun
You took my word for it
The vanishing of doubt

Will unfold my
I've laughed in the face of it
But gravity never quits
A vanishing eye will be
With invisible strings you'll all see

Then I heard a gentle rain
reputation lives
In spite of me
Your platitudes and berzerk theories
Super real fantasy
That infuriating
Vanishing twin

He has metal bones and a wild
for so long
Am I a burden to someone?

I am so tired of everything
All my desire is vanishing.
Like tyrants, living life in wrath
Like wizards, vanishing into the dark:
As black divine gods

Born under crimson rain
Taking lives in seductive
The rest is classified
Vanishing without a trace
In the North Dakota sky

It's unexplained, it's unexplained
A blinding flash of light
Is the last
I played the fool today
And I just dream of vanishing into the crowd
Longing for home again
But home is a feeling I buried in you

I'm all right, I'm
Just like a spark
And then we're vanishing
No one around
And then it comes again
Just like a spark

You go to school
You follow all the rules
in torment and affliction for eternity 
Control this godforsaken universe 
Appasionate sensation, being superior to god 

Vanishing, nothing left
lost in the eyes of tranquliity
Moving closer to the Vanishing Point
Visions and memories I now call my own
The meaning of life is still, still left
the insane

Vanishing among the dead
The Gateway to extinction

You'll never see what they see
Paradise is only a dream for the week
Maybe you'll see what they
I speak your name
When I cannot see your eyes
Vanishing again
Into ever changing skies

I have always loved
Only you and nothing's changed
And you
lost in the eyes of tranquliity
Moving closer to the Vanishing Point
Visions and memories I now call my own
The meaning of life is still, still left
to catch the words
That are almost vanishing the air
I feel happy just hearing
The simple words
That you say
It's a symphony for lovers

Time is
I didn't know that you would care
I just assumed that you were there
But now I'm vanishing
Baby accept this thing
Let me put it next to you
that we got
Did I do the vanishing
Pr did you just swallow me up


Last kiss


Last kiss
It’s been hard to look away

It’s a deep black vanishing train
Upon a very long track
Standing on a sidewalk in the rain
Hands behind my back
Depleted stronghold vanishing

The wolf, the wolf I feed 
In cloaks of decency
The wolves, the wolves I feed
Invoke the blessings of peace
Extremities confusing me
Affect me night and day
Fascinated, devastated
Critical decade

Vanishing greenery
Changing scenery
Yet somehow I
Every thing's a blessing in disguise
You wear yours
I'll wear mine

Every thing's a blessing in disguise
Falling to rise

The vanishing me
shuffling the sunshine

But if I ever get back to the twentieth century
Guess I'll have to pay off some debts
Open the book of my vanishing memory
And I live in a world
Smaller than any one
I got a line a new frontier
I got a line on a new America
All of the people are vanishing here
Sees through the shards from a scar that's open

Autopilot drivers riding out on the ice age
Infidels swallowed in a vanishing point

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