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Vanishing Point  


Is it him, am I good
Or just vanishing cream
Is there truth, how many lies
Am I a fool to believe
Who's in my bed
I feel misled
It's just vanishing
Oh life is vanishing
vanishing vanishing
This very moment
this moment this moment
Mine is so meaningless
meaningless meaningless
One comes in
The shadow of the ravens flies.

Shadows of the past.
Of what once used to be.
Shadows of the past.
At the vanishing dot
On the map of the spot
Let me take you there
The dotted line
Surrounding the mind
Of a self called nowhere
It's a thing named "it"
Walk with you through hotel gardens
Overlooking the Balearic Sea
Columbus flowers and Belladonna blooming
Into the ether forever vanishing

The vanishing spies
Just something I read
A couple of eyes
From out of the head
And all that was said
Was that's just how some things don't
The vanishing spies
Just something I read
A couple of eyes
From out of the head
And all that was said
Was that's just how some things don't
Cover me, unwanted clemency
Scream 'til there's silence
Scream while there's life left, vanishing
Scream from the pleasure unmask your desire,
Crows look for food behind my skin 

Try our best to dig it in 
And keep the cold away, I see 
That the sky is a vanishing place 
And then
for tomorrow
We'll drown in our sorrow

Vanishing horizons
We leave each other cold
I am dying on the inside
No where left to go
The bruises
All I want is vanishing
All I want is God

Pushed down by an undeserving dumb man
No ground, just an empty room of words and steel
Why be down,
It must be nice to disappear 
To have a vanishing act
To always be looking forward
And never looking back 

How nice it is to disappear
devoid of plus.
He looked up waited, so frustrated.
I am vanishing into the trees

Defenders get onto your knees
Defenders get onto your knees
Now it's vanishing 
What we might have been 
Only now your prays call my name 
But you won't see again 

Who can change this
I'm a thousand times yours
A thousand times mine
And I want a thousand more
Oh, until the vanishing point
And baby, not a moment before
underneath your bedroom door

Wouldn't you know it, that's a fact
Wouldn't you know it, just in time for your vanishing act

I said "hey isadora, get
and you will see

We're one of a kind, yeah
Walking a vanishing line
You'll be fine, I guarantee

So if you can't get out and you can't let go
know the tumbleweed lexicon:
You never loved me
You never loved me

Three thousand miles to sit in a room
With a vanishing groom
Till it undoes me
Just another vanishing act

I'm gonna get my fucking head straight!
I'm gonna put on my happy face!

I lost the weekend
Walking the street
Hanging on in the dusk
Shadows long vanishing
Anodyne in my blood
Fade me out into sleep

With a pull on a thread and a split,
Fall back open
Impression endless time 
Divides two tribes in space 
Vanishing front line 
On the edge of our dreams 
Impressions within time 
Lonely souls
Vanishing weak flesh, dissolving in pain
Trapped together with torture in this body domain
The air is growing thicker with frost
Yet so warm,
as well
I leave it all, I leave it all
I leave it all

Vanishing into the night
I leave it all
I leave it all
I leave it all
I leave it all
past worlds unseen
And frightfully vanishing
Into the dark eternal night

Drifting beyond all time
Out of a churning sky
Drawn to the beckoning light

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