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And you think your role is minuscule in this world of mine but
Take your place
You complain
All the time
Got you gifts
Gave you
sense of purpose
To validate by being. To prove my sense of purpose. To validate my being
sense of purpose
To validate by being. To prove my sense of purpose
To validate my being
No soul, just a goal 
Seen so through the darkness of your eyes 
My worth, hidden up my skirt 
I need to validate existence through your lust
take a picture, to validate, something that was never made
But in the silence, you may know, where your soul wants to go
don't have a care
Is it me? Am I really the fifth, the seventh, the ninth wheel
'Cause I'm so out there
Something 'bout me must be weird
It validates all
Gotta calibrate
I don't need the extra talking what the balance say
I don't care about who want it or who validate
When I feel up in a mood man imma
a confession
Put me on the S&P
Cause they should be investing

Don't need likes to validate
The wave that I created
Just because they understand my lyrics
subgenre på Basic level
Og Songwriter og producer på track level.

Er du i tvivl om hvad du mangler på en udgivelse, kan du altid klikke på "Validate
laugh or cry
It's showing what you are

Stage, rate, validate

Those wires should carry you
But they brought you to your knees
This fear is something new
I wear the crown
I wear the crown
I wear the crown

I believe I am all I can be
And I don't need you to validate me
I believe I am all I can be
And I
I wanna' be a savage, yeah
I wanna' not give a fuck at all
Take your heart & vanish, yeah
Then validate my sadness through this song, eh
a question of confidence 
I just don't want to take that bait 
And it ain't about arrogance 
I've got no stress to validate 

Tension rising and still
the promising
Pushing past the second rate
Always need to validate
Always need to validate
Always need to run

Hey girl you gotta rein it in
Hope is a tightrope
To truly validate how much you mean to me
A lot you mean a lot to me ain't lying, for it is true
The best way I can express this is by saying it with a tune
I'm everything I hate, you make me feel X rated
I'm everything I hate, gonna validate it
I'm everything I hate, can't you see I'm waiting?
There be
on acetate
I won't crawl on you to validate 
Tear those numbers down
I won't be having them around, for now

You found me on the beach
I was resting
candle's burning to no end burning to no end
But you're relentless all the same
Please just validate this fixation
Dear just validate this fixation

No more
Ok I'm pulling out the backseat lover 
Oh I'm so hypnotized 
I'd rather sleep than sit and watch you cry 
It's up to you if you can validate
without you.
You know it isn't real, don't make it a big deal.
I'll be the only one to say that I'm sorry without you.

Appreciate, validate, sleeping with
having fun yet?
So what do you think of what you see?
Can you validate me?
Can you validate me?

When I'm old and out of touch
Will you keep me pick me up?
to validate
So who's the bunny lookin' sweet like a honeycomb?
He said, no my brother, you got to get your own, summer bunny

Summer bunnies drive me crazy
and spit 
Numb me, drill me 
Floss me, bill me 

You validate my parking 
I think that I'm okay 
But you my one more appointment for 
A week from
floatin' like a boat and a paddle
Alligators and raddle snakes 
But I promise I will take a nigga off like Saturday
Got money to validate 
I'm icy like

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