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she know we pimpin' and never slippin'
I pimp hoes on the side, side
Side, ride, slide provide applied
Upped the supplied supply
Swats, I gave it my
at the moon
I told them "You play the instruments
And I'll play the baffoon"
We broke into a sombre march
Called Misery and Woe
And then we upped the tempo
she know we pimpin' and never slippin'
I pimp hoes on the side, side
Side, ride, slide provide applied
Upped the supplied supply
Swats, I gave it my
gave you kisses and I gave you lovin' 
Tried to please your every little whim
At all added up to a big bad nothin' 
Last night you upped and ran away
upped the tempo
And changed the melody

Jazz man, Jazz man
Blowing the blues away
Jazz man, Jazz man
Don't blow yourself away

Within the tiny
I've always had the upper hand where our love was concerned
But now you've upped and left me and I think it's time you learn
If you're not back here

But we all bleed red even racist motherfuckers
I can't get with that
I see the hoes and the hustlers
Piled up in clusters

Since they upped
things wouldn’t always be good
It was true love

There was a few times that she cheated
There was even some times when they split
But she upped
singing Usher
Down on my luck and then she upped and left me for a sucker
I reminisce on all the crazy shit we did
You and me forever, shit we say when
Oh Mary was unhappy with the life that she led
She was a simple girl without much to say
So one day she upped and left her dreary home
And she
I'm drownin off in this bottle, tryin to solve my fuckin problems
New days changes, different than how it was
We upped it from stealin cars
Found myself on an open road [got no hand] to show the way
Upped and started walking on to a land seemed so far away
After so long felt I was damned
said you'd never leave me
Then you upped and walked right out on me

[Chorus] [x 2]
sneakers, ayy (in them Jays)
We upped the score on everybody, ain't no equal, ayy, ayy (no sir, no way)
And ain't no runnin' when I pop out with
to kilo, ain't ordinary (woo)

Oh yeah
We just upped the score today
Yeah we just dropped two more today
We do this like its ordinary
I swear I can't
the bullets out, gave it to me, I upped on him (watch out)
He said, "Damn", I said, "Nigga, get the fuck on" (get the fuck on)
This one nigga, I barely knew I
doubled back, let down the window then upped the MAC
Like fah-fah-fah tell'em that
Folded up put it back in duffel bag
Gotta blick on me I'm bussin' that
She'll come home and lo,
He'll have upped and run away,
With a social-climbing heiress from New York.
Poor Eliza. How simply frightful!
It got out of hand and I lost my head

Then I upped and left, now I don't feel right

I wish I could remember what I did last night

Ooh, I tried to reach out and touch you
But it wouldn't go through
I even drove by your apartment
Saw the for sale sign
You upped and moved away
the one?
Are you the one?
Oh are you the one?

(upped by beanrlz)
how they was trappin' and heroin, uh
I promise that I never trapped
I promise that I tried to trap, the shit didn't work
I upped the tool and go
tried to play tuff till I upped it and shot em
Everybody screamin Gang Gang
Gang gang
Gang gang gang gang
All until you in the chain-gang
Faced banged now
the glizzy in the school house
Seniors told me they was on my ass soon as school out
Wasn’t on shit when I upped and whipped the tool out
Shaking in they boots

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