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the caution I once possessed
All heavens break loose when you get out your head
Oh, I packed all my bags
Then I upped and left
And I didn't look back
(Oh, no)
gone a decade
You've already upped and outed
How do you replace what's irreplaceable?
Replaceable, replaceable...

Pass around the speaking stone
on the rise (man we coming up)
You can hate on me, my folk and my whole enterprise (nigga, CV)
Well just know we upped the level, fuck them other guys
Grab yo
a thousand in a day
Still trapping still robbing bitch I need a hundred K seady speaking down to hoes dog I think these niggas gay
Upped a roll on his bitch
you wanna wife – nigga… who you wanna fight – nigga
Just name the price, – we upped it about twice
Slap on the track, ride  it like a commuter
When duty
hear niggas, they ain't fighting now 
Had to up the raps cause I hear niggas, they ain't writing now 
Upped a new bitch, my ex bitch she don't like me
They sayin i done switched up how 
Cause i done upped my check 
Couldn't fuck with the rest 

Guess i done changed up now 
I done switched my flow 
entered the building
Versatility level has upped to the ceiling
My creatitive level has upped to the ceiling
Spanish Vulx has entered the chat
I can’t talk
my love
And he said we would wed

But I guess he must have changed his mind
'Cause he left town one day
When he found out about you
He just upped
cheat, ooh
Heart beating so hard, finna call the police
Paranoid, shadow hit the wall, I upped the heat on me
Dropped five, one month, bitch they ain’t got
Everything has gone left
Nothing was the same since I upped and left

I've kept, every excuse I learned
I can't. Every excuse I turn
We don't talk
And Ill keep spittin all my wisdom
Like her sister Athena
All pun intended to y’all niggas
I just one upped ya speaker
All pun intended to yall
(Well) she finds herself, late in life, single once again,   thought she’d got it all, worked out
(but then) he upped and ran, and left her, not
Niggas hatin on us till we went and upped the price
I'm done catching feelings my nigga
Let's catch flights
I been wanting money since I was in
Feelin' like Tia upped the ante
Happiest dead
Cheatin' the system we don't believe in
Settin' fires like the first time
Settin' fires like the first
I just upped them blicks up
Told ‘em “This a stick up”
Give me all them bricks son
That’s just what I want
Pussy get his shit busted, talking like he
raised him the sky
Jack saw him with the sun and room and upped him with the stars
Running Elk bet the Rocky Mountains Jupiter and Mars

The sun was
to play with someone else
i found the note she left and that's all she had to say
so it seems my love has upped and gone away
yeah so it seems my love has
Little John lived on a mountainside, 
Never thought much about taking on a bride, 
Finally he upped and he married one day, 
She didn't like
in her cheek has turned to chalk. 
She'll come home, and lo, he'll have upped and run away 
With a social-climbing heiress from New York. 

upped and walked away
When she came along
Oh, how strange

Well, I guess that I was just your puppet
You held on a string
To think I thought you
I've been away for so long fought a war that's come and gone
Doesn't anybody know my name
My sister upped and wed mom was sick and took to bed
And my
upped and walked away
When she came along
Oh, how strange

Well, I guess that I was just your puppet
You held on a string
To think I thought you
Six long years ago
My Johnny upped and marched away
He simply said, "I love you so
And I'll be back one day"

Well, I'm still sittin' under

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