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all on me
I'm cheesing I'm happy
I just re upped on me
I just re upped on tree
Remember when I was down
I got right on my knees
I looked up to God
that shit
Fuck boy, where you at, ima run that shit
Run yo shit, run yo shit
When I find where you at
Ima run yo shit
I just spent a check and upped
Big ring pops said the drop top fast
Gotta hit the gas so them cops donts catch
Upped my bag i cant look back and i just can’t lose
I'm a big dubbsack
I was 11 the first time I had it upped on me
Me and the bro’s hangin round with the wrong homie
Think it’s was about a bitch I ain’t really sho
to this love shit
Cuz it's not a game
Tried to believe you
But ya story strange
I coulda upped it
Let my 40 bang
Niggas is bitches i promise
They'll change
Cop me Porsche Cayenne truck with the horses
That’s on the 5 if it’s up then it’s stuck
If you ain’t gon shoot it you upped it for what
I ain’t from
not forget
Made some mistakes that I do not regret
And i’m rocking Dior
Niggas talking man I wanna see yours
Damn, I just upped the score
the plug for the sour
I just re upped with 50 thousand cuz I heard that the money bring power
I was smoking on a 3 point 5 yeah i gotta keep it cool allot
the manor with no heart boy
Tiptoe tiptoe critzo on the track
Beat the cases
Upped my wages contemplating will they take it
I see chasers more than bottles
Exclusive BITCH
Remember riding round in an impala Wit a lil baby choppa
Fulla dem bars i upped my lit rod
and shot a lil nigga whole block up
Scrrr off doing
blessed I was
Until you upped and left us
I didn't know how blessed I was until you upped and left us
All alone all alone
Wherever it is that you've gone
the caution I once possessed
All heavens break loose when you get out your head
Oh, I packed all my bags
Then I upped and left
And I didn't look back
(Oh, no)
upped it, he just ran off
His bitch just likes me better, so she had to cut her man off
Speeding past the ops just to piss the fucking feds off
I'm always
got time for these hoes that be all on my dick
First bitches in my mentions when I'm posting a pic
Upped a picture with her nigga know I'm making her
So welcome the newcomer
I'm home
Feet up, re-upped
I'm in my zone
You're gonna wonder where I am
You're gonna wonder what I'm on
And it's a shame
that for a minute 
I might give it back when I'm finished
I just upped the bank then I broke it 
And ima be back with the quickness
Don't waste my time
We can hop in the phantom like Danny
And she say that this foreign romantic
And these VVS on me be dancing
Chasing money I upped up the ante
And I
that wasn’t part uh The deal
Nah that wasn’t part uh the deal
But I reached in my pocket I Grabbin‘ my rocket
I upped it I dropped em
Aye, aye
I upped it
a nigga upped the price, ah
I'm with the niggas that'll slice and dice
And they'll slide any day, I don't gotta entice
Bitch, get off me I got my eyes
Everything has gone left
Nothing was the same since I upped and left

I've kept, every excuse I learned
I can't. Every excuse I turn
We don't talk
And Ill keep spittin all my wisdom
Like her sister Athena
All pun intended to y’all niggas
I just one upped ya speaker
All pun intended to yall
I just upped them blicks up
Told ‘em “This a stick up”
Give me all them bricks son
That’s just what I want
Pussy get his shit busted, talking like he
like I'm swimming in the sea yea
I just upped that Glock and made it onomatopoeia
Give that boy a halo
Choppa chop you down like trees
So you better lay
we could get to that sublime height
Ouu we gettin' faded for 3
I just hit the plug, he re-upped on a P
Whole lotta mob shit
Recorded in the closet

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