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it increase, fill up my jeans
She likes my looks, she wants a kid, feeling my genes
I upped the swag, now we're on max
Gold on my teeth, crease in my
know she's the reason why
I was down bad for a while after she upped and left
The meds were burning my chest I needed closure
Every time I tried to move
what he dealt
He been crossed so many times, he feel his name ain’t worth to melt
But he realized his worth and upped his drive, he got a story tell
upped that pole and let it go
Menace to society
That nigga don’t know sobriety
He off a 30 while they firing
He got hit now he zombie
the pain so it's easy
I went and upped it from the needy

On a love occasion, shoulda' never chased her
Now I'm paper chasin', that's all
Love intoxication,
the max
Throw it back she breakin' her back, grown knees like Megan Thee Stall
Prez just upped another twenty, you know I'm doublin' that
Ball hard like
I upped it he ran but next time ima crush him
We spent and we missed but next time ima touch him
Bro said he a lick upped the stick den we rushed
Young boy
Ima black sheep
Run my money up
A track meet
We already upped
(I shot him)
Will he be getting up?
(I got him)
All of dis money
upped Sprite with the mud
Think I did too much, think I did too much
Off the shits I'm over lit, ya my body numb
Think I did too much, think I did too
money in bundles we can’t see the floor, OK, I don' re-upped on a pack and we burning till my mind is soaring, I don't play games but this shit here is
and crumpled pride
The night my piano upped and died, died, died

Love came down for many years
And lost her teeth with raindrop tears
Swelled her woodwork,
knowing where our allegiances lie.
Since our kayfabe friends have upped and left, you and I.

The time we spent around each others' waists,
the time spent
All of the hopes and dreams and promises
You made have upped and gone
Bringing boredom out of wonder, water out of wine, oh

By the fire cheered up
dancin' on the bar
Try not to kick over this bottle
I'm not as happy as you are
And I'm just trying to get through to tomorrow
She upped and left 'fore
to start a family that’s infected with this future that we wrestle with
I hope the lord hear us calling out
I hope he see us falling down
Devil open upped
can get it tonight 
Now they wanna hate, And they get a little mad
I don't know what to tell 'em I upped my price
Yeah, know I'm really moving real nice
But I think I'm the only one
I think I'm the only one

Have you ever felt this low?
The things you love have upped and
A simple
I came
I been doing this so long I finally upped my wage

Ignore what they been saying
You know I'm always blazing
Forward I'm staying facing
It’s juke, deauce ace
Woah, oh woah, aye
I done upped my style
Got the girls going wild
Chain hit bling blaow
Got her throwing in the towel
I done
on that line
You fuck with mine, then you gon' die
And that's on God
Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God
Bobbie upped that 45 then let it spark (God Damn)
All our rights have upped and gone all without a hitch

Never would of I expected 
To be talking about this shit
I always kept it quiet 
Played it
just keep it real with me
Just keep it real with me
Reciprocate the love cause you don't know how that shit feel to me (Feel to me)
I upped the stakes
Price of fame
The price we pay
See I been on my shit on a day to day basis
I upped my cake 
I just had to take risk
Hope it all make sense
word play 
Changed my work day upped the work rate 
It's a earthquake
Sending Shockwaves 
Through the estate 

Ridin the wave on a different boat 

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