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upped the pride, you can't be mine, if you ain't got no paper
I'm a nigga taker, you a nigga chaser
Do me a favor, and accept the truth
He don't F witchu,
back then she very shitty
Cuz she want me currently
I upped my currency 
If you wasn't hating you could learn from me 
A thing or two 
9 am and I just
Upped the knowledge 
I've polished
I'm paying homage 
To the sounds that's been passed
From quarters backs
It Ain't been seen since 
I'm ashamed 
All this time 
I was fucked upped in the brain 
But who's to blame 
When it's to escape 
Pnpmar you gonna far 
Believe all of you are
team start acting rowdy
Got his drop, he dipped the county
All that talk just upped his bounty
Up a chopper at his granny for fucking with Visualantes
I know my hood 
I still know where my block at 
I know when I upped it 
I cant forgot 
Where dog dropped at
Bitch I'm from the mo 
And hell yeah I'll
tryna bring my city hope
Keep yo funds up an keep them guns upped an real close
Please don't feed into them Demons wanna see Yu up the road

Sometimes I
know I fucking told her
I just re-upped on a pound and It's over
Go to double my money and cops are like pull over
Bitch you cannot catch me in your
upped it to them bottles
They put locks so we just bought em
Yeah it’s nothin to my Creeky boys
We fold you up like slinky toys
My blunt filled with that
just a fan like Kitana
Just turned 21, I'm a savage
I don't needa live lavish
Eating peanut butter sandwich
I just re-upped on some real good
the most changing 

Life gave me Lemons, made Sierra Mist I'm poppin yeah
Solid like colossus all my partners never upped and left
I was at rock bottom, then
and no 'elp is at 'and

Now I'm 'ere by meself 'cause they've all upped and gone
I'm the captain, the first mate and crew on me own
And if I should return
talking bout crock pot
Just upped the score I can do this shit non stop
Now all the opps stay mad cause they got got
See me one deep and I bet he still
turnt a nigga savage
Sleeping on the floor swear to god 
Ain't even have a mattress
And that boy face was so shocked when i upped the static
Told my momma
the blue faces
These Girls come in different Colors 
You can't call Me racist
Just upped yo Fit 
You could never call Me basic
I'm the Bandman
All these
Had to get my mind right
Flip the script upped the whip got the crew on a slight grind
Oh now my shit seem bright
Oh now you wanna ride ight
Bitch nigga
fucking strange
Just like my last track was okay
This one's not at all the same
You see I just upped my game
You could say this my new way
My goal is
you cappin crunchin the least been crackin corrupted streets I'm Packing just upped the  lease 
Pay for this just like you paid for that funeral bitch I
wanna kick like I know konfu 
I then leveled upped and bought my wife in the truth
Yelling victory lap the marathon Nipsey blue
Born in the Mil but my
I got with the program and got my achs to start drum programming
Walked right with Yahweh Ben Yahweh's plan-N
Upped my poverty to riches program
and run, but they joggin see
I got em 1 upped, they be mockin me
They know I got the drip, now they want the sea

Now they want it all, they be diggin though
don't you wish 
you were somewhere else instead?

you were 
fifty years old 
when you upped
and fled
to the blue jean capital:
hollywood and burger king
Mouth is full of gold 
She wanna roll 
She like the cloths 
She liking toast 
I know plenty niggas fouling but we upped the score 
I got tha dope
I can’t believe what niggas do just snake a nigga
I can’t believe I had to crop some niggas out the picture
I really thought you was fam but you upped

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