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the night
So ease up
And we just upped the price
So fees up
Manna squeeze pon her thighs
When she passenger side
With love in the air like
I fell in love just
heat, D-Wade walking bucket
And I ain't going for nothing, bitch I done upped it in public
Don't even bother to tuck it
Try me bitch, I ain't shucking
No more "Mr. Nice Guy"
He's died on you
He upped and left you
And stranded you by yourself
You could say it's rude
But he was going to choke you
I don't wanna be criticized, infantilized, or canonized
I just wanna dance in the night-time
Frankie said I did it My Way
Then he upped and hit
sneaking in
Pistol close can’t sleep again dying in my dreams and shit
Took a while before clean again we upped the score we ain’t even shit
Should’ve known
upped 5 bands while sleeping Up in the attic
Lil daddy mad he said i'm so dramatic 
Bitch im blowing up in cities 
I'm causing static 
A lot hoes rapping
Mouth is full of gold 
She wanna roll 
She like the cloths 
She liking toast 
I know plenty niggas fouling but we upped the score 
I got tha dope
I can’t believe what niggas do just snake a nigga
I can’t believe I had to crop some niggas out the picture
I really thought you was fam but you upped
bloods in the set (yea)
Niggas counterfeit, we is not impressed (nah)
Aim above the chest, shoot ‘til nothing left
Rookie upped the vets, who woulda ever
searching for my soul
And my wrist its on go mode
Know it the time is spinnin
Dropped the top of the roof on wheels I drove
Guess I upped it and that’s just
You said you wanted time to venture out on your own
But late one summer's night
You upped and left, took all I owned
Such a cheap shot honey
Where do
the mother fucking paint nigga redemption with my sins
In the pin but I got my shank nigga shawshank redemption
We upped the score while they
Was under they
in his name
Aye aye and I say bitch I felt that pain alone
I be crying when Im makin songs
My brotha upped it aiming at his dome
I miss my brotha gone
I'm tryna be da goat
And everyday I'm getting closer
They say I ain't have that cash
I upped a roll I had to show them
I said ain't no way around it
I don’t waste my time I made my mind up forreal
Upped the gears now my niggas say I’m clutch forreal
Blunt appeal you ain’t even gotta touch to feel
On FaceTime with 4-1 juice 
You know he upped that bread nigga 
Double down up in the dino 
Go head don't be scared nigga 
Pakk life shit  
Politic wit the racks
That money talkin back
Say i need mo to match
Broke niggas aint hearin that
Upped a lil sum on ya bitch she had a heart attack
Fat ass
preaching against the babies
Oh my God they killed topher that's absurd I wish Chris knew
I robbed a bank, they upped my rank
Now I'm a five star like Marshal
I upped it my stylist skedaddled on me
Niggas reach, I say no they gon' tattle on me
And I'm up as a fuck I been having some cheese
You came up off
I understand the streets a cycle gotta have a plan
Ain’t have the upper hand
I upped a couple grams
15 20 dimes can’t even front ya manz
upped the price that was due to a shortage
This is business notta charity and case you need clarity
I can't stay n shoot da breeze zip sale on cherokee
Here I am at a municipal duck pond
Oh my god love hurts
She upped and left me in mid sausage
Punctuating end with burps
My diamond ring is in that
a Risk/socially anti socialists
Addicted so I upped yo dosages/now Heart is as cold as the gold on Wrist/So over this
Say that I love you like you would Believe me
that's light math
I was locked in the stu cooking up beats upped the price tag
Leading I never followed they can't imitate my swag
My bag
Full of so many

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