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niggas kept hating
We upped it one time, and that boy got to racing
I fucked her one time, so you know we not dating
Its back to the money, so I gotta
listens to this song I know she'll be impressed
Party tattoos from battles that left me scarred
These days it's hard to trust forever upped my guard
bro freedo
I’m red hot I’m on fire a Cheetos
I upped the smoke come get beat like u debo
I used to be hot wit da hitters
Played wit them toys and got
holding these bandits
Told you I am famished
Sold 'em all a dream then I upped, vanished
No time for a panic
The wave that I'm on is a classic
The lie that
to put em to bed
Can you believe it detective, they think I'm crazy
Cause maybe, must've upped the anti, cause I was pumped and angry
I bit his hand off
Glock 9 silenced (Pew pew)
I can't even hear it shoot
You upped your mileage now it's switching up your mood
Iso, iso yuh
Now I'm living all alone
the average bloke
Upped all my game didn’t care about the timbs
Don’t give a fuck about you or how others been
Now i’m doing me and now i’m growing up
Now i’m
I'm still rockin' hand me downs
I'm my own designer, I just upped my cash amount
Got my head out that vagina, got my head up out the clouds
I just kept
a location we pulling straight up where he working at
I upped it and shot his ass he was taking to long I guess it wun working
Lil mama so freaky say she like
knew it was coming
We was thuggin, wrist full of diamonds
Mattress filled with blue hunnits, tears runnin
Down my face this was our last mistake
heart I upped and left quick
I went back like once or twice to grab a piece of it
Now I'm in rebuildin mode I'm tryna go legit

If this really what you
God's prayer
We all thought but nobody dared
I stopped watching, now where did he go?
Upped my step with a rare bit of blow
Have to admit that a fair bit
upped it a notched
There's no need for me to fight for a spot
I like what I got
And gave what I bought
Cause when I die I'm taking all that I brought
Bitch, I don't play enough
I'm off the scene
We out the way
Niggas don't play wit us
Nigga upped a roll smaller than a paper cut
Nigga you a hoe,
I was taking silent strides when I upped my price
Grateful for the mic, everytime Monday night
At Queens Way, Love to Dutch, that's my brotha for life
Remix remix
Remix remix
Damn it’s 12am & i’m riding (twelve)
This check just upped my pride
Yea i’m a big deal, but can we keep it private (private)
cause I done upped my weight
I got everything I want and imma cut my vein yeah uh
I don’t like talking that shit
Walking that bitch like a bark on my
the better
I'm back to getting cheddar
She took her umbrella
But it don't even matter
I re-re upped a zipper
Then rolled me up a swisher
I don't even miss her
Sauce on my rice
I just upped my price
Living my best life

I be on my lonely
Nowadays I just stay to myself
Please don't try me it's on me
Nina with me
and I ain’t talking North of Brazil them
Ironic cause I got my eye on the green I’m a star with the lines
Tell ‘em I upped the fee for a verse ain’t no
Hands down
I ain't even shoot my shot yet
She already got a man down
Now I gotta get up, step up to where she is
I don't wanna mess up then upped my
the slammer but I’m smarter than that
I re-upped with these beats and started pushing this this crack
(I can be yo pusha man, pusha man)
We seen it go bad
did the things you did
But the day you upped and dipped
That’s when all the bullshit clicked
Should’ve known that you wasn’t it
You wasn’t really
thought you had but knew was always mine
Talkin' slick is all you gonna do
Boutta be one-upped, and you the one with the tools
Fucked up shit in the depths

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