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ancestors ages ago
Fought in the face of defeat
Those three hundred men left a pride to uphold
Freedom of death in effect

Then, now again
precisely why

While you uphold the megastores
Bybuy paying for what you cannot afford 
The man who runs the shop next door 
Remembers how it was before 
Remove the marks
Uphold the race
How the king is blind
Endowed with joy

Irritable speech
Break your back to help the wrteched
My blood has
I wanna know, 'cause this is hardly worth going for
A long time ago when there was something left to uphold

Last time I'll have to explain my
I have tried so hard 
to regain my faith 
in man 
Yet, I fail again 
to uphold this 
His collective truths 
are far too salt 

overthrowing leaders with legitimate views
Democratically elected but we didn't approve

How many times can the line divide
How many wars to uphold your
vain, exhibiting no refrain
Eventually condemned for things unholy
Don't request a vote, no confidence to uphold
Refusal to be a pawn, to your
your world turning
And you kept it alive
Hope to uphold
A line in the dirt 
Even when it hurts

All that you need gotta leave it behind
It's all burning
I wasn't trying to see
But I was looking around
I wasn't trying to see
But I was looking around
I try to uphold what tears me up from inside
Truth to forget in volume which tears apart 
Long live the lie or to uphold well it´s a start
holding on
But then you can't uphold yourself

You've got to know that everything will be just fine
Forget that pretty babe
The sun is gonna shine
wasn't in the right place 
and when I hold you
I will uphold you
you are my best friend
and when I see you
I'll really, truly, see you
you are my best
And love it ah the ultimate thing fi uphold
Never ever you will go astray
Never ever you go cold
Much to win and there is nothing to lose
Indecisions to uphold

Printed on the box I see
ACME's Build-aWorld-to-be
Take a chance--Grab a piece
Help me to believe it

What kind of world do you
still uphold this corrupt membership in a field of unworthy souls?
Tell your god never sit, I'll yield when he's told 'you're not welcome in heaven'
you think of me?


Uphold your burning tongue
it will absolve me
i've broke the fold
burn your tongue
We keep swinging in darkness 
Standing in the flames 
No Understanding in the lies we uphold 
Exposing secrets and crushing desires 
We cut each
(For) dreams I uphold my life
For wishes I behold my night
My sense of delight fades away
With the dawn of a new day

Living in a world of fantasy
hand upholds me.
And Your love is better than life.

For I have beheld You in the sanctuary,
And I have seen Your power and Your glory.
And I will
of pain my only Aim?

The Pain has got to Stop, it's eating into me,
My apathy upholds this misery,
This hatred for myself will Destroy me
If I don't
your whims control your limbs
Let the wind uphold your wings
Let your friends stay home again
Just give into your sins and unfold your linens
to pay the dues to uphold the truce in every way.
Booty this time as a matter of fact.
There's something wrong in this act.
The role as stupid should be
Upholds thee with his truth
And like an eagle he renews
The vigor of thy youth

Then bless his holy name
Who's grace has made thee whole
Who's love
and street dwellers

Heather be devoted, quote it
I feed the desperate and demoted
Want passion? I'm loaded the truth, I uphold it
Wisdom, I tote it
Bet that

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