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it, and we just watch 

You have some kind of reputation to uphold 
You have a moral obligation, or so we're told 

We say nothing, and it never stops
to the topLove we a deal it nuh flopEverybody's got the right to deserve one chanceNobody shoulda get shotBless everybody's blessed upHOLD ON NUH! Before you hit
I hope you never find peace
I wish you'd never been born
Abject being
Grotesque mind existing to uphold
Abhorrent simian traits perverse
when the world is low?
Can we uphold if we dare?
Yes, it unfolds low and behold
Soak in the soul that we share

I don't think we know we know we're
show us the way

Riots start as we uphold the law  - Seize their gold
This is your last chapter  Crush this fragile truce
Furious masses climbing from
like that i decline
No different as what you oppose
Isn't rebellion part of what you chose
Rules and regulations to uphold
You have to do as your told
invested I'll share the lesson
Never used to want to be a teacher but the gems rolling off from me 
I never been a selfish creature uphold the feature
preparation and design 
With a virtue of patience, not to rush ahead of time 
There is glory in the story, there's reasons for a test
To uphold a godly standard
Priests and teachers, come draw near
Greatly disturbing, this prophecy here
That out of Bethlehem, birth foretold
But I am the king, it's mine to uphold
the mud color my blood is these days
In due time the prime will be unveiled
To soon fly up high through the hail
Hail to the most high uphold the true
The foundation of canoe, I'm never tipping over
To the Mission, I would go
Bart to 24th, I wrote many quotes
I was so-so, but Joey let me vibe
Then he looked up the sky, oh lord
I need a sign from you to uphold
I need your guiding flow
I've been avoiding those
I give in, shine on that
do not be anxious: I am your God.
I will strengthen you, I will help you,
I will uphold you with my victorious right hand.

Most definitely, you are
to uphold with a 
Reason to live
to ascertain any infringements of enforced doctrine . This is the rise of the human degeneration to slaves. Desecrating the rights of the majority to uphold
Creation fire wave 
So we uphold the balance
Corona mean chakra of a king 
Highest place don't lose faith
All encoded in the back speak 
want to be a nose 
That breathes, a hand that holds

If I had somewhere to go
If I had somewhere to go
I would be going

Extra hands to uphold your
No crown to gain no throne to uphold Your life is the only possession obtained I bring forth the true vision of agony Marked for treason forever
In time the hour will fail to chimc

They betray, uphold the law, accuse the future
standing proud
Never let them take control
Uphold your words and don't back down
I'm healthy, I'm alive, I can't complain

The tenacity for my capacity is beyond my control
For it is the truth that i must uphold
niggaz'll die because my mind sinister
I pack an automatic, of course(fours), to uphold my status
'cause money bring power, and power bring madness
And it,
empties semi-auto
I conceal on these streets that to uphold the kiss of death
Tryin' to deal ki's and snort blow, you can't replace me

I live the rhyme I
It's strictly an accessory, an image to uphold. 
But, it's all in fun and sin until someone calls it in.
The cycle comes around again. 

But, I'm

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