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some jewerly and a pimped out loc
See it's, larger than the ladies 
And its deeper than dough
It's a whole way of life that you must up-hold
Can't claim
Blindly uphold the status quo. 
Never question the way things are. 
Locked into a mindless void. 
Spend a lifetime licking ass. 
and self rejection
There is no inevitable oppresiion

We are digging our own graves
Afraid of what we feel so our lives remain the same
What will I promote,

And what will be pushed back?
My hope must rise, strength come forward.
Linking my hand in Yours,
Let Your chains uphold
is left to reign? (This has chose?) for a standard to uphold.
An answer for the questions.
Wavering of beliefs lead to destruction.
Nothing remains
that I swore to protect and uphold
if you're looking for the bloodiest battle, you've struck gold
from young to old, ripe and then rotten
i came
will never learn
Blood will flow again
War in the promised land
A never ending pain

Another vengeance
Uphold these morbid lies
Pray for
The last of me is about to go, basic primality
Putting up one hell of a show, they will remember me
I'm here, this terminal case of lust upholds this
his bed behind 

Though I struggle all the time 
Pressing onward to the line 
You uphold me when I fall aside 
As I near that distant goal 
I will
it's never too late

Restrict somatic delusion
Destroy prosodic illusion
Uphold evoke and desire
Absorb the voice of the fire

Can't hope to combat
To keep the high high
Keep the low down low
Keep the high high
Keep the low down low
When I'm out there on the road
Those traffic laws I do uphold
As semen meets the lip

The grip of man upholds
Skin tightened to the bone
Buckled knees copllapse again
Your narrow shadow fall in vain

Flesh rubbed
is nothing new if you've heard what I say 
As the Mahatma sheds a tear, 
Buried so deep underground 
We continue to uphold the men 
Who keep us
the blood of our brothers.
Constant warfare.
Narrow minds controlling the troops.
Stealing the lives of the innocent.
Claiming to uphold peace and order
to forget in volume which tears apart
Long live the lie or to uphold well it's a start
ahead down my twisted path

... So rise, oh Lord...
... Grant me strength, to uphold...
Thy kingdom to come
Thy death be undone
Sleep no longer

earth, its walls of sores
Into the claws of Satan's breed

Black metal jaw
In a fierce grin
Black metal jaw
Upholds the law
on the pavement wrestlin' with the ground 
Sharkskin in a pig pen stirrin' up a sound 
Pawn shop stacks a box of .45 rounds 
Got a code to uphold contractually
Flaming arrows of the one who seeks to slay the chosen
Uphold the double-edged sword which is the Living Word
Piercing unlike any other blade
Steel bridges won't burn
The beliefs we uphold
Are lies we never learn
The only hope for the future
Leaves us reason to grieve
What's a generation
or uphold any grudges with me
Fly gon' bring a tone and bone and knock you flat off your feet
When Minnie Mae get in ya face
We ain't comin' to play
healthy options

(repeat hook)

(Verse Three)
Media slogan we uphold negative promotion
to pigeon hole attention of the weak and the hopeless
Tellin' lies
Sleep now 
Cradle my hope 
Dream 'til morning 

Rising again 
To uphold my claims to power 
Promises bind 
This place to me
and street dwellers

Heather be devoted, quote it
I feed the desperate and demoted
Want passion? I'm loaded the truth, I uphold it
Wisdom, I tote it
Bet that

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