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As days pass I uphold the faith
Praying God don't close the gate
This life is deep, but I could hold the weight
March in my Jehovah souljah state
straight out the ghetto)
(Expose the hate) but try to be a kind fellow
Still mellow is the trait I choose to uphold
(By means a peace died) . 45 (now hold)
They manipulate and they mold
The rules they should uphold
His ignorance of the law
Is the victim's only flaw

His rights in violation
Marching off to war
Iron blood and blasphemy
The unvanquished storm

Lightning hammer of gods
Uphold! Avenge! Arise!

Blessed and bold
and the People
Let Saturnalian rites be raised
Uphold in desecrate mockery
The rigors of defamatory praise
Proud wives condemned to harlotry
Don't tell us your story 
Don't tell us you tried
You swore to uphold it 
You swore and you lied
You let down the people
You let down the law
and decades
She waits for human kind to awake
To shake off the chains of Messiah!
In patience She walks the world in search for those who uphold
The memeto
I can only feel pity for his twisted mind.
How can freedom be achieved if the poor fight to uphold
The privileges of those who directly oppress
For the price of vanity you are purest in form, 
The ugliest of creatures, sculpt your body at any cost, create, 
Whore, uphold this image

I've now

Beauty, pleasure, youth
which one will I choose
to uphold my wounds?
Beauty, pleasure, youth
two of them to lose
to avoid my tomb

Holy wars

Upon my podium,as the
Know it all scholar
Down in my seat of judgement
Gavel's bang,uphold the law
Up on my soapbox,a leader
We don't need this cultural cosmetic division it upholds the self-interest on which the system feeds,
A deconditioned consciousness of mutual respect
the hand, I'mma slam
do-Ra-do-Ra, spinnin like Rodan
No man can hold me down, I'm like Conan
The Barbarian, muthafuckas, I'm crushin 'em
They can't uphold
on a L-O, yeah "da da ah"
Got a reputation to uphold, it's on my shoulders
As I step and break cracks in the mould
And throw boulders, knock pylons over all
The slammin bass upholds the style I carry
Rhymes were written in ink and stationary
Face to face you're lookin in the mirror
I have a project, you can't
chance, was contribution suicide
Freedom of thoughts no longer exists

Cries, cries, cries, cries
No place for changes, uphold the flag of war
Ten-ten girls that I'm choppin'
Hop in, straight on my John, she's sloppin'
We don't care if the neighbours watchin'
Hold up-hold up shawty
uphold me.

Christ with me and before me
Christ behind me and within me
Christ to the right of me
And to the left of me
Christ above me and beneath me
internationally connected
Me never get rejected, cause my art is so perfected
But there 's beauty in the code
That we solemnly uphold
We make money 'pon road but my
Born a heir to the throne 
Raised to uphold control 
Through vice and lust 
The unholy crown is earned 

A sovereign deity so wicked 
Wreaking havoc,
up to the people to uphold justice 
That means that law enforcement and the military's first responsibility 
Is to protect the tribal people of this
to being supportive 
Some people heard my touchy songs and abhorred it
I got a passion and you know I'll uphold it
And I'm building traction, you know that I
a G and brought people mysery
I heard pops used to hang out
On the corner gettin drunk and beatin niggas' brains out
I got a name to uphold, so I hit
and beatin niggas' brains out
I got a name to uphold, so I hit the streets
Broke as hell to take what belongs to me
I saw money, moms said: 'Yo, Havikk,

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