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Distance in the size of meters
Yet I seem light-years away

Showing you affection
Is another wasted part of me

Yet still I reject this
I'm staring down at these people
Staring down at me looking up to the heavens
So peacefully

I guess I wasn't so unreachable
I guess I'm just
Bendin' (baow) corners (skrrt)

Peek-a-boo (peak-a-boo)
Shoot a nigga in Adidas suits (baow, baow, baow)
Fivi, unreachable, I speak the truth
All normal things start to change
Can feel no gravity
I step outside the atmosphere
Nothing seems impossible, unreachable

How strange it feels
operations in 1909. The visions consitute
Almost a complete map of the Astral, including the most unreachable Regions of the Spiritual.
Each vision literally
Where joy and security seem so unreachable

Cause evil has no heart at all it strikes where it wants
And no one can tell whenever it's coming
getting lost in my dreams?
Are you unreachable to me?
'Cause these butterflies just won't go away

But I don't wanna act a fool
Don't wanna look confused
As the eyes reflects the eternal chaos
The man fades out his pestilence
Corpses are poisoned in the dust
And souls, shadow the unreachable endless

sharpen their blades
In my eyes, I am lost
Unreachable as I touch your shape
Touching you with my eyes
Watching you with my hands

I can never meet
Unreachable for me... now
But I know, I know...

Your eternal ocean of infinite blazing lights
The stillness of your empty motions
me, my trunk knocking, 
My making woman looking knock me, 
Call me but I'm unreachable, too trill to be speaker too
God loss in my own garage
the common cold
The bar I set is unreachable to you

See I'm not your average girl at the party, party
It's just me and the dance floor at the party, party
A key to time and realities
Tall it strands and unreachable
For those who are not able to hear eternity's voice

It shall be a monument for the few
yourself into your self-loathing.
Appeal for help, and peeled off the skin of your teeth
To be reached by unreachable heights.
Surrounded by bright lights
in the street
I see you licking anybody's feet
You are a kitten caught up in a tree
You are unreachable by me
I see you climb away
And you're the unreachable star
(But I'm reaching in)

Tinker bell
Dry your tears
Outside it's only raining
And I'm still here
walk away

I'm staying through to Friday
Then I'm gone
Unreachable by letters
Or by phone

But one day I'll be calling
Way down the road, baby
Stop me
creatures of instinct the magic within joy and pain."

Now she swims to the watery depths of darkness unreachable by most
Forever mocked by an angry mob
the truth is in there

It's unbelievable
How strong we are
We can go anywhere
No limit to how far
No dreams unreachable
So take that doubt
And kick it
My heart, untouchable

Untouchable, don't touch me
Untouchable, don't touch me
the unrightable wrong
To love pure and chaste from afar
To try when your arms are too weary
To love the unreachable star

This is my quest, to follow that star
I feel unreachable
You get to me, oh, You get to me

I don't know how to climb out of this valley
I don't wanna go back where I've been
But every

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