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Lately she's uninterested
But I promise I'll be fine
Because I know she'll never be mine
She'll never be mine
She'll never be mine
She'll never be
the man that's trying have some fun 
But not into the games, uninterested in the fame
What's with all the mixed signals 
You got yo man, and your acting
change, I won't!!!

I'm so uninterested, uninspired
Unhappy, so tired and bored
And I don't want to wake up
I don't have the power to stand up
I can't take
Totally uninterested in all of this bullshit
No physical or emotional attachment at all
I'm drifting, I'm lifting out of your thoughts
No friends
kept on going but I was uninterested
Now I'm a bad role model for my siblings
Speak to myself, nobodies listening
Drugs in my mouth got my visuals
Thinkin bout my intention
To find redemption 
On the path I start
In the depressants 
They be pushing hard
To get introspective 
when I die 

I still see you in my dreams 
Some nights you're so uninterested in me

I'm the coldest winter
Salute to Sista Souljah I'm a polar ninja
Uninterested in your monologue that should be inner
Uninvested I'm the force field
and y'all might feel all that 
I know it's time to blow and I'm not wrong avoid the aftermath 
I was up in school uninterested fucked yo hoe after class
uninterested, in pretending like we're friends and shit
We used to be different, the difference is all of our differences
I know you sick of my binging and my
you a dime piece yeah
I don't know if I'd please ya
Gonna call the police yeah
Thoughts of you murdering my head 
You're majestic
And uninterested
secondary interests has made himself uninterested 
Going to hell like everyday
my voice is loud but I can't say
can't you see the black inside
they'll be
never be uninterested 
Toxicity prohibited 
Healthy vibes exhibited 
And equally distributed (Oh one more time!!) 

Con tu sonrisa me atrapas
Cada vez más
think it means to see someone like you
And I'm sorry if I seem uninterested, but I don't know how this will end
The words I say, they're hit or miss, but
I wont stop
I wanna sell out the garden
I'm uninterested in not being at the top
I've always wanted to be an artist
Till the end I'm going try my
Its interesting how 
The more I try to understand to Temperament 
You tell me you feel trapped inside 
But I'm sitting here listenin'
I don't
Your crooked teeth 
make dangerous lips,
but I remain uninterested
in bed shattering techniques.

Oh yes, it's true
I'm a real
Chien Andalou.

the twisted
Who were lame uninterested in the secret you discovered
Forgave them for their sorry ways, pitied then you left them
For the truth within you
loved me and I thought she meant it
Until she bailed out of town uninterested
Said its been a minute, said that I'm tripping
Got her a plane ticket
of an apathetic whole.
Fractured, uninterested, without any goals.
I like to drink a beer, stare out into the streets.
Smoke some cigarettes, cook something
Purposely keepin' you thick and uninterested

We will break, we will break, we will break free

Everything that I see
There is no future for me
a warm bed
You neglected to see
How uninterested
Your sweet talk did leave me
Fool's gold I see
Ain't I lucky

I'm the luckiest girl in town
I was
But I'll try to be persistant.
I've gotta keep on if,
I want to be close to you.
I know you're uninterested.
I'm probably just some stupid kid.
Unmerciful, unexplainable, unemotional
Uninterested when dealing with unoriginals
Unaccustomed to unproven wack flows
Unresponsive to unapproved stage shows

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