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ever fuck with yay
I just made a million dollars still I think I'm underpaid
Fuck with me? Kid no way
When you meet me, bitches stand up straight
Overworked, underpaid
Lord knows I need a raise
But when I walk by the guys say
"Baby, do you wanna go for a ride?
We can cruise on down 405
have laid
Now all the time you're crying that you're underpaid
It's like that (what?) and that's the way it is

One thing I knoe is that life is
In the garden all in the dirt
Roll around Georgia Brown that's the way I like it twerk
Legs jerk, overworked, underpaid but don't be afraid
the place I stayed
'Cause the schools were underpaid
The teachers taught, but to me they fought
A star that was underway
It was under Wayne, it was in my
Where kids are climbing off the walls
It's scary walking down the halls
She's underpaid, she's overworked
Come on man, man, shout one out to her
Seven days underpaid gotta give it up
Got no time for this life that I'm livin' up
Shackled down, kicked around, now slave to the grind
Need some
rock 'n' roll

Hotel motel
Make you wanna cry
Lady do the hard sell
Know the reason why
Gettin' old
Gettin' grey
Gettin' ripped off
Underrate us, underpaid us, tried to spray us and erase us
And is on, wonder if it's good or bad karma
So don't try to figure out, try to find out, it's
Underrate us, underpaid us, tried to spray us and erase us
And is on, wonder if it?s good or bad karma
So don?t try to figure out, try to find
need a reason to smile today
Do do do do do do
People are pregnant and underpaid
Do do do do do do yeah
I don't know 
If livin' is worth the time
Overworked, underpaid, was a fact for me
But I had to get the money right
Cause the money was tighter than a skirt on a hooker
Then I took a look around
Seen my
a young stranger
Or do us, or fool us
On boats in the Bay of Pigs
Runaways way with the wayward kids
And the underpaid slaves from Jamaican gigs
Don't shoe
overworked and underpaid. 
I can't get enough.

When the week is done I like to have some fun. I can't get enough. 
You can find me hanging out where
me pig, although I'm underpaid
I'll show those faggots that I'm not afraid
I am the masculine American man
I kill therefore I am

and underpaid.

I drive to work in a rented bus,
200 miles or more a day,
Just so that you can get a look at us
And figure out if we're worth you paid.

Over worked and underpaid
The husband carries on his trade
Working hard nine to five
A corporate example of the middle class staying alive

know how many bags of dirt

Barefoot in the back of the van, toss an arcing empty soda can.
Long ways, long days, waitresses frayed and underpaid we
you honestly the best nigga
Though I believe that you one welling-ass nigga
How many niggas with jobs feel like they underpaid?
Let's say it's that,
Contract intact can't be underpaid
This ain't a game I ain't come to play
Don't front for me I ain't from the A

Don't you want to hear what I come
heavy the load


We're underpaid in overdrive getting by
Working to find our way
Can't see around the bend so till then
I bought us
Loose mamis fucking, they definite land mines
Dudes with no right hustle throwing gang signs
Empty in the webbings broke and underpaid
You might have to pull your AK, send one to the cemetery
We overworked, underpaid, and we underprivileged
They love us, they love us (why?)
too short
I might not be your size but I'm sure great
And definitely underpaid
So give me a job
The one I haven't got
Don't tell me I'm too poor

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