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We were born in the belly of the beast
Children of the East seeking that missing piece
Trying to solve the puzzle
Tumultuous times
Smoke that blunt
The virtue of silence
The whisper of violence
The heart of my riot
Tumultuous quiet
A deafening compliance
Despite my defiance
A deadly alliance
Fingers slipping from mine 
Tumultuous craze 
Your voice lost in the storm 
Broken glass in a cage 

Next time you see me 
Embrace an old friend 
If you'd
Sallow Moth of an unlikely kind, spawned in tumultuous times
Cocoon alloy of arcane twine, shaped anew divine
Behold an ostensible nature...
I have no chill, ya know
I'm flowin' fire like a Volcano
And relyin' on my core inside
Where there's a devil in disguise
He's tumultuous and lacking
sleeping for
This tumultuous war
Wages on some more

It's only a matter of time 
I'd love to hold your hand in mine
Now into the ocean we dive
New memories
still rings
From its tumultuous storm
Take me to North Haven Drive
Let me be free of this tumultuous mind
Where limbs are twisted like branches in a storm
The wind is spreading my ashes
insecurity and fear


I'll find somewhere to hide
From this tumultuous
tumultuous world of mine
Somewhere I fit in
Where I can be what I want to be

They'll let me in
I'm one of their kind
Where I can be what I like
Not what they
80's baby but the 90's made me who I am
The ruler and 
The cooler head prevailing in a jam
The most tumultuous span
At times I lost my focus 
the thick of it 

The hurricanes come crashing in
Tumultuous waves tumbling
And you and I are in the middle of it
Tornadoes try to tear apart 
This love we've
Tumultuous future, all will despair
But not the magus
He will prevail
Culling the black path
Blood, sweat, tending his dreams of salvation
Granting the keys
done with this world, I canʼt take it anymore

This tumultuous tempest is a test of will
Whispers of wind telling me to give in
My sanity fades,
With my golden lies
You stood in my storm with an iron heart 
Expected to survive

Flawless face 
Tumultuous mind 
What did you 
Expect to find
when she chose to procure 
Such tumultuous tummy trouble I knowingly incur 
Dopamine release the chocolate tastes good! 
This tastes how all food
I am pleased to be in it's grip"

He's my father, and I'm but a ghost in his world

(I woke to a tumultuous stir, and feel such a calling to this
couldn't do it they lied

Yes I'll make mistakes but I'm still freed and proud
Free is knowing exactly who you are in a tumultuous crowd
Free is stained
mein, kashtiyon ko
Raaton ko jaise ek tara lage
(In tumultuous storms just like a boat
needs the North Star to guide it at night)
Waise hi tu, tanhai mein
Even though it was tumultuous in the morning dawn
I wanted to sit right in and let the waves carry me
Disappear into the seafoam into the air I
might get tumultuous
Watch the sky cause I check for vultures
Guns is drawn so forget the holsters
Guns is drawn like we illustrators
And we fill
But it's trendy to lie

Spin your web of tumultuous impossibility
Break awak with such discresion and utility
Pay the man and pay the judge and pay
hand's the crumbs, I gotta use to feed these vultures, it gets tumultuous
I feel the end getting closer 
And when I reach that finish line I just hope I've

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