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people just happy to wake
Brush they teeth then water splash to the face
Eatin' breakfast puttin' clothes on just trynna get fly
Grab protection as he
I don’t mind them
Trynna find him
Trynna find him
Trynna find him
Trynna find him
But they couldn’t
Trynna find him
Trynna find him
Trynna find him
Aye B money we getting money right
Yah yah
I am just trynna get rich
Yah yah
I am just trynna get rich
Yah yah
Yah yah
I’m just trying get rich
Gotta get rich gotta get big
Gotta go hard or go home like a kid
Get a new whip gotta get that
Putting in work trynna build up my stacks
I'm talking
I'm feeling depressed pressed 
I'm making more less less 
I'm trynna make moo-ooo-oves
Trynna be at my best
But deep inside
Got mental issues
And I ain't stopping to you coming bae stop all that running
you was just talking all yo shit now show me something
Baby i aint trynna thug you
Young nigga yea I'm going through some things 
Trynna make my life change
Put some change inside my pocket yea
Young nigga trynna hop up outta range
Today gone be the same shit, just a different day
I ain't out here on no lame shit, I'm trynna make a play
Always been the type to chase it, im
Are you really 'bout this life?
Are you trynna live it right?
You gon give it yo best fight, even though you'll lose yo life?
Let me tell you 'bout
I'm tired of living like this
Pay your motherfucking dues nigga
Smoke what you drink what you smoke what you drink what you
Trynna trynna get
looking for a way out
But still trynna see wat ya bae bout
Oohhh I'm goin deep
Hit a fade rout
In the end zone do my dance everyday bout
Everyday bout
(I'm just trynna')
(I'm just)
(I'm just trynna' leave a)
Got so many that keep hatin'
Went through the struggle
So I'm trynna' leave
trynna get in that pussy
I'ma do whatever you say
She lit off that Dusse
I'm trynna get in that pussy
I'ma do whatever you say
She lit off that Dusse
Trynna vibe with me
Trynna kick it 
Trynna make it so I fall so hard for you
Ain't it true
Baby boy show me somethin' new
You say you like me 
Do it
Yuh yuh
Yuh yuh
Diamonds on me
Yeah uh
Yeah uh
Yeah uh
Yeah uh
Yeah uh
I’m trynna take you Nicky Vinny
They got some diamonds and I got plenty
Waste time, you can keep playing
What you got going on, what you got in your mind
People trynna ride, but they can't even drive
They say I'm the man,
(Time flies by yeah, Time flies by yeah, )
Yeah, uh
Time flies by, just like the sun coming up
And when the moon come out
Yeah you know I'm trynna
Im just trynna love you, like, I should
(Oh I'm just trynna love youu)
Im just trynna love you, like, I should 
(Oh Im just trynna love youu) 

I’m just rollin I’m just drinking trynna stay high
Staring at the clock watching time go by
Hoes be trynna cuff ain’t no U in I
I don’t never stress
Yeah I've been trynna see you shawty
I've been trynna meet you shawty
I think that I need you shawty
Hoping that you don't ignore me
Yeah I've been
Hold on
Lemme tell you something
I think I know why you watchin'
If you trynna fill your pockets
Homie, we got plenty options
Niggas wanna play with
Shawty want my attention
She need to mind her business
Think I'm out here fucking bitches
But I'm out here trynna get it
I'm trynna provide for her
I just release stress, pressed thoughts, within these seconds I'm lost
Trynna change my life, shit, I'm trynna change my life
I just release stress,
Baby yeah you know just what I'm trynna say
Is that I'm sorry what I did but that was yesterday
Ain't no changing what I said but what I'm trynna say

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