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I ain’t trynna let you go
You ain’t trynna let me be
You wanna make it in the real world
I wanna make it on MTV
You wanna see me put the pen down
and do it
What the fuck you saying?
You sound so fucking foolish
I was trynna stack my dollars
I was trynna stack my papers
We was trynna make it out
But I
How do you feel baby? 
How do you feel? 
I keep it real baby 
I keep it real 
I keep it real baby 
I don't ever have to kill 
I'm trynna chill baby
Yea, yea
Oh yea, oh
Girl I'm trynna make you mine
Let me see those cute eyes
I'm just really trynna make you smile that I could see for miles
I don't
Niggas aint trynna be broke. No!
Niggas aint trynna be broke

Yea we just getting the dough
Yea we just getting the dough. Aye!
Niggas aint trynna be
Trynna get these better days, I don't care what you say
Trynna get up out this hood, trynna move to Hollywood
Gonna stack my money and my life gon be

I'm not in the mood (In the mood)
I'm trynna play it cool need no for attitude (Attitude)
Don't got time what you trynna prove (Trynna
Oh ah oh ah
Limousine limousine limousine limousine
Limousine limousine limousine limousine
Trynna take shots like Hennessy
Thought that it would
Paupa got beats, making history, on God

Rain, rain, rain, rain, rain
They trynna rain, rain, rain, rain, rain
Trynna rain on my parade,
All these so' and so's 
Trynna talk
Trynna walk
Trynna fuck with me, like cat calls
All these Joe Blo's
Girls at my shows
At the end of they rope
Please don't leave please don't leave
I don't need you
If you trynna stay
Well me too
Going back and forth
Like we in the preview
If you trynna stay
Trynna do it big they try to flatten shit
I'm D4L so when shawty lo I'm like whats hannenin (Rest in peace)
Uh, you can speak your mind I can be
I'm just trynna stay a float
Woah Woah
In a world full of fakes
And them hoes
See I'm trynna stay afloat
But I'm drowning
And I know i swim good
Real shit I ain't stopping till I get it
If it's on then it's on if you with it then I'm with it
I been trynna right my wrongs in the life i been
Trynna put the gang on the map
Nigga I'm loading, loading
Trynnna put a pagan opp in a pack
Mans gonna smoke him, smoke him
Remember when I told
Waitin 4 da plug
I'm trynna get sum drugz
Deep inside my lungs 
But he's not picking up  
I'm waitin 4 da plug
I'm kind of in a rush
He says he's
Thats on My soul ima chase That Roll till the day I’m gone
Whoah lil niggas on go specialize in homes
Thats For The Dough Trynna Get on dogs need
Fuck a round ass we runnin' kools with it
I ain't trynna beef but you ain't cool with me
Hoe, she wanna dance so I'm just turning in
Cashback in her
Pearls in the distance
They drowning in some water
I'm trynna make it past the dark
But happiness is farther
Not trynna die a martyr
I'm trynna live,
When you trynna live fast, you might die young
When you trynna get cash, you might die young
When you trynna hit the dash, you might die young
and stronger
In the end
Ghosts of my past
Still haunting my memories
Trynna drown it out
With the sound of these melodies
They're trynna break me down
And rip
done fucked up in the past
And I ain’t trynna see you cry
Cause I done fucked up in the past
And I ain’t trynna waste your time
Would you ride when I
What you trynna be a rapper boy you wildin' boy you wildin'
What you trynna be a trapper you on the island on the island
Get locked up trynna flip
take no vacations, no baecations, no no
No time for vacays trynna put food on my plate
I ain’t trynna die today so I tote this Ak
I’m chasing after

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