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'bout plain Jane, put ice on it

Bag was so dope, watchin' nigga bay low
Everybody strap with a Glock in the traphouse
Gettin' all the coke, with
(Traphouse Mob)

(Pop Smoke, look)

Doin' shit you can't believe (yeah)
Every city that I go to you know I fuck with the G's (with
all my life hustlin'
My nigga beefin' then I'm beefin', wrong or right I'm bustin'
My traphouse, I love it
Put some Forgis on my old school and I had
Yeah, bitch, I know you remember, I'm still one ill ass lil' nigga
I wake up and take my meds because I'm ill (ill)
I pump weight in the traphouse, not
at me, with QC
Went and got the bag, bust it down with Big and P
I just spent thirty racks on new teeth
Me and Marlo traphouse, them new Jeeps
runners, these my fifth pair
Ten figure nigga, I'ma get there
Traphouse bunkin', we don't live here
Could've been gone but I'm still here
baby daddy
I had to crash in the traphouse, that bitch had too much traffic
Now do I shoot the bitch like Seth? Hold on, he play for the Mavericks
push it, I roll up, I kush it (Kush it)
Mandem told you 'bout the traphouse
Man was pressin' out the Charlie

Cocaine, there was plastic
There was
you broke, then we'll fix it (tall)

Pull up to the Maybach in the driveway, hm
Traphouse, had bitches countin' hundreds in the room
How you
a still body niggas
Babies in the traphouse
Johnson Johnson nigga
How the fuck you wildin' niggas
Niggas' hoes be robbin' niggas
Kiilas with me from
like I'm boutta cash out
Hair down middle fingers up with my ass out
My mind is the traphouse
Man this bitch is bunkin
I'm a full time magician
I gave her a job at my traphouse sackin' up P's (trap)
Fur across my back, Balenciagas on my feet (swag)
Go and get a sack young nigga, and be
wanna go fuck to Marilyn Manson (hol' up)
My hood bitch said she wanna fuck me good then make a sandwich (okay)
I turned it to a traphouse but at first
a traphouse
I got on TV, then I turned into an asshole
'Cause I ain't selling dope or running with them bad folk
I'm eating shrimp and lobster, sitting next
So disappointed
(Traphouse Vibes)

I came to your show, and moved to your brother in front of your dad (real talk)
Kelly, I was like duoy duoy
The way she move them hips (hips), the way she works my wrist (wrist)
In the traphouse and I'm servin' up bricks (Based God)
a bag I know they won't take from me
I know they won't take from me

In my traphouse I trust, about bitches I don't give a fuck
Let's see how fast you
nigga (Gang gang)

Rich nigga, I need a rich bitch
Come suck my dick, wipe off the lipstick
Go with me, I'm with the shits bitch
O.T. traphouse goin'
for seven

Traphouse and property money
Only time I can sit wit' a rapper, my cup gotta be muddy
We drop this tape, don't call my phone, that it
Don't ask me 'bout my father, you know he was a bitch nigga
I said where I'm from, when you sixteen, you get sixteen shots
I was in the traphouse
the traphouse with them fuckin' racks out

(Ayy, ayy,)
I'm ballin' harder than water, I'm feelin' like Coach Carter
They say the life that I'm livin', I might
Traphouse boomin', I went up on the sale now
VVS got the water, I'm swimmin' like a whale now
V12 niggas, we was livin' too fast
Niggas pushin'
So disappointed
Yo (Melobeats)
(Traphouse Vibes)

I came to your show, and moved to your brother in front of your dad (real talk)
traphouses, five stash houses with no pots in it (haha)
Just a young fly nigga screamin' Paper Route Business, Paper Route Business, ay

Yeah, huh, boss, huh

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