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was like a volcano
Just waiting to explode
I [helped it was a wreck there reborn]
And I've been transformed

I was a green eyed monster
Could you tell I
Transformed and delivered
You are in the system
Remove the divisor
Face reality
You are in the system
Face reality
Engines of destruction
as their subject, they are delighted with the results
For the first time, a human being is transformed into a, shh, top secret

Meanwhile, back in
down his bag
He was doing the swim and clapping his hands
He transformed into a moon walking man

Santa boogie woogie Christmas night
Back to the hedgerows where bodies are mounted
Ah, but I'm flying like a bird to you now

I was housed by your warmth, thus transformed
By your
it was too late
For she had seen that there was no love in his heart

As punishment, she transformed him into a hideous beast 
And placed
that I'm little, so I got a lot to prove
I done transformed from that nigga to that Woo
Talkin' 'bout that I'm gon' need you on the news

These rappers sneak diss when I came up, they prolly mad I'm on
But then they transformed and changed up like a Decepticon
Bunch of bootleg Geralds
There's a distant light shining over you tonight
You've been transformed, you'll always be my storm
In the Tuscan dusk you're swooning under moons
are being transformed in a positive
Healthy way
Slowly you are programming your unconscious mind
Gaining new insight to your directions in the future
the penis last


detached genitals
Mangled between the thighs
Gelded painfully
Transformed before his eyes
Guess what? I've spoken to Norm
We're gonna live in the trees
Dirty air will be transformed
We're gonna live in the trees
We're gonna live in
Accepted, highly favored of the Lord
Forgiven by Your love I am transformed
It's not what I'll do but what You've done for me
And by Your grace oh
Deliciously relentless. Till these niggas get transformed to niggas
To un-niggas, to anti-most-semi-niggas
Keep on

ke-ke-ke-keep burnin ohh ohhh
on the street, no unexpected luck
I will spend some time crying
I'll be adept so much I'll be transformed
I'll get the baby in the king cake
I'll climb a small
Dig through some drawers to find the keys
Emerge transformed in a million years
From days like these

Under each eye little greasepaint smudge
I was once a man before I transformed
Into this molester, freshly deceased children
You have born, torn by my rape
The dead are not safe,
like phantoms in mirrors
And re-appear transformed in the form of your fears
I got a feeling that you think it's a phony and far fetched
Till you're
transformed to shame

There's a reason to break these chains
We're all aware that no one wants to live this way
Not this way

Locked up and confined, no
Let us defy

Unite my friends defy
Heed failure's lesson
And shape our future
Make us transformed

Revolt and smash the shackles
The crisis
transformed by the virgin light

How many times I've wished for change
Gave up, gave in, and called it fate
Repeating all of the same mistakes
Wasn't ready
to the questions that I learn
I don't start the fires I lay back and watch them burn
I see ashes floating transformed the way they used to be
I see ashes floating
be decayed
But the life you know will never ever be the same
Transformed in the flash of light into a ghost
Lost and surrounded by the second hand
transformed into air
Daylight gathering
Restless deep sky half truths are told
Daylight gathering

Clear maps of the stars in my daughter's smile

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