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Gotta VPN so I ain't never gettin' tracked
Ridin' with my brudda 'cause I know he got my back
I'ma blow fa him, and he don't even gotta ask
life, flash fact
I'm investing royalties you don't even got an ASCAP
Pioneer fast tracked
Reach me through my cash app
Oh you got a CD out
Well done. Clap
you digest
Try to love more and cry less
And don't be trippin bout no objects
I hear'em talkin' this and that, they just tryna get you side tracked
I stay focused, I can't get side tracked
My brother faced time I ain't talking no iPad
But it worked out, no fitness
Case gets thrown out if there
the back
Cut em all off, had to ride with the pack
Pull up with the crew for the snack at the shack
Straight on my goals, they could never be tracked
Down so
would never had tracked it
I be in the streets with the bandits
Shootouts seen the blood all on the canvas
It be hard trying not to panic
Booma said get
spoke about dreams y'all slapped me down
And when I ran away y'all niggas tracked me down
Just to keep the same energy
So y'all could be enemies
tracked me down
And bent me to the call
Saw lighting in a bottle
Felt thunder shake the walls
I ain't keeping no big secret
But I don't have time to talk
the foothills
Of our lives
In the night, when we hung up the call
You were never far at all
And soon we found pursuits
And they had roots
We tracked their paths
And my cash tracked cause my bills wrapped
And I don't do checks I just get Jacksons
Now I'm action packed just like a bag of matches
And this fate
And no i never ever get side tracked why that because i love
The crack the cat i love to eat the snatch
The crack the cat you know i love to eat the snatch
Tracked ya to the graveyard
Where the sun don't protect ya
Cuz it's long gone
Like my fucking heart in every song

Yeah I'm dead wrong
Landing in
Crawling in your head
Side tracked
Pick up where you left off
Put away your mind
Put away your mind
Haunt me no longer
You loom over my
the fuck
But your feelings were off track
And I was circling too I back tracked
But hell naw I don't need it like that
This aint the life, I'm the biz
a ice pack... If we get into it ion't fight back...
Got the type of body that a keep a nigga side tracked, Whoa
She educated, she ion't play round
on a cloud
Lost track of the days
I was lost in the maze
Sleepwalk with my eyes
In the back of my head
Yung Nova staring at the map, tracked in my mind
bright it's gonna make they cameras shit
Yes I copped the foreign
Matter of fact shit was tracked I copped DeLorean
Traveled back in time grit and grime I
working together working days
Get tracked
How old is generation
If I get odd where am I
Checking mic check one
like that
You never call me right back
Work had me really side tracked
Writing and cooking up tracks
I think I need, a little more time to think
Why me?
Was it me?
Was I the doe
Who tracked the blood
Into the living room?
(Where we never really lived in, though)
Sick relief
With my bags packed
Yeah, you, Chris Rose
Who called me a shite and a half
So what did I do?
I'll tell you
I tracked him down on Facebook to say I had over 2000 followers
It's half past seven
Passage in the book gets tracked down
Glowed lights spatter in the background
Lateral a glass poured weapon
To the trap door
No cap I been passed out
All laps I been tracked out
I feel like mac how
People don't understand
I'm in a state of mind that's by
My design I'm like
All she do is scream when the beats get to tracked
All we do is dream and believe that shit slap
Ma I found myself without needing a map
Its a compass

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