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even afford a damn slab
And I backed tracked with my dad and said "Fuck it, I still got me though"
Still a breath of fresh air in the game and this my
Jegeren, Tracked for many generations
The realm of misunderstanding breeds violence
Speech disabled, cohesive thought left for the Ravens
by that girl I wouldn’t trust her
Plus she got a face like a burger rustler
Anyway back to the bars mana must a got side tracked by that girl Mana
tracked down the devil and I got it myself
No help living life in my own lane
I learned to appreciate the joy and the pain
Seem like everybody waiting
it right back
I’m off track
I got side tracked
I don’t know where my mind at
I touched gold
Like how you find that
Beautiful down to her essence
gunning for the throne
That's my regicide pact
Never back-tracked

Never been a joke
Rarely do emote
Used to terrorize all kinds of folk
Chasin' after smoke
where you go to trade your soul But back on the bayou The Devils got his hole
All the local people know

Up jumped the devil to take me away

I tracked
the booth, fucked around and got side tracked
Nigga I'll bring it to your door, close combat
Heard he want the smoke
I made his brother catch a contact
got shot cuz i ain't give that tree up
6 Hours later dropped a tracked and then i went to re up
Pone said i was the hardest since back with the sack
verified as fact
Authorization fast-tracked like the WMD's in Iraq

Testing is the metric
On which our politicians
For the belief is a map
Yet the opposite territory is tracked

Blossom and bloom
Like the sweet water lily
Fly and hunt valiantly
Like the eagle soaring
But I don't know what I did
But now I'm here now now I'm back now
In my home town no more traps now
Not my beats but this one I tracked out
that was so long ago
Now I'm eighteen back in like I done tracked before
How you in the game sound like you ain't rap before
Why she yellin uh but you
using one hand
Think I'm Soulja Boy I just drop the top and I do the dash

Using cash all that digital money gettin' you tracked
I don't usually move
appraised I tell you it's priceless
I tell you it's priceless

I gave you the keys
Turned around to say please
Before I knew you tracked
Your dirty footprints
brain gone
First to reality race is on
Light speed but the lane is wrong
Got side tracked tryna make a song
Didn't say shit why it takes so long
thankful to even have that
Could of fell in the flames no I never should of back tracked
I'm manning up exposing my iniquities
Now that the damage is found
looked forward, never tracked backwards
I don't need to vent to a friend, I have my backwoods
But the gang still tied, Frnce mad backed-up
Fronting niggas,
care if I got it man cause my face is enough

Fuck the SoundCloud stats
I need reports from equifax
I need to keep the credit tracked
Fuck that other
Buildings look like submarines
Floating upward vertically
As night replaces day
I move onto the rhythm of my day
But something stops me dead tracked in my way
we tracked him
Adding bullets to the clip, I'm subtracting
Tell the truth, never capping
FXLLEN chinging bare yutes like the captain
Bodies falling
I hope you're here to stay
Where's my mind at
I'm still side tracked with my
With my baby
Attention got my attention
You drive me crazy (Crazy)
want to get into combat
I did five need the time back
Stay focused can't get side tracked
I put it all in music so all of my pain that I been through is
feel so hopeless
But then again it was just as lost as I am

How'd it make its way inside my apartment
Mint condition, couldn't've tracked it in

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