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static, topic, Asiatic 
Zssshuh, them unique, never leak, brlaharl... 
Bring it on back 

Superlogical this, superlogical that 
I detect your dialect
the airmail comes
From the forest floor to the western mind
A chat show topic on a party line

And the hardest love of all is to forgive
As the world comes
I can feel you hatin' on me
Ooh, baby, you (yeah, you)
I'm glad to be your inspiration
Who, baby, whose (guess who?)
The topic of your
still callin'
Ya'll don't even talk no more
She still callin'
Say, we the topic that they talk about
Still callin'
Me and Annie used to fuck around
favorite color's red; she has two dogs and a goldfish
She says, after law school, she wants a career before kids
We spoke forever on topics like religion
holistically the topic of my discussion
Not just your rear

So please baby let me make love to you, my career
And then flip me into a hypocrite cause I beg
the topic of the sermon tonight is time
Time, the thief of hope
Time, the ameliorator of all our endeavors
What will we do with time off our backs?

to resist them
Because I know what hides beneath your smiles

I am a topic
I am a subject for useless futureless endless mindless debates
You think of ways
on solid ground

Well, I hate to break it to you
But you just don't realize
Switching conversation topics
And you never compromise

I wanna express
and hit the ground with it
Let me see girl drop it don't stop it
Tonight I need the freak

So that is the topic
This criminal n joey crack
I know you
Relying on rhetoric, not well versed on topics
Any idea what you're talking about?
Revisions of history, fair well in some company
But don't shove
Marky got with Sharon
Sharon got Cherese
She was sharing Sharon's outlook
On the topic of disease
Mikey had a facial scar
And Bobby was a racist
She works at hot topic
His heart microscopic
She thinks that its love but to him its sex
He listens to emo but fat mike's his hero
His bank
about the kinds of show promotion. 

The return of the listener teaches on the topic of female sex 
Instead of dissin' at peaches, pay attention
at the front door,
Got dirty socks, I'm on the floor
And thoughts is what I hunt for
Driftin in and out of conversations I know nothing about
Fuck your topics, I
know right (don't know right)

Tell me more, I got a box cutter with your name on it
Tell me more, I can't stay this long on the same topic
I don't
Another song 
That has no chorus about loneliness 
Another song 
About some topic I've not thought of yet 
I can write another song 

Not about you
standing there cold
So I picked up on the usual topic
I feel the pain of a thousand wars
I got no problems man
I got no problems man
I got no problems man
Fuck the topic
Why you on it?
Stop that acting like you know me
Talking 'bout my old friends like we homies
I get it how I'm living
They don't
Fuck the topic
Why you on it?
Stop that acting like you know me
Talking 'bout my old friends like we homies
I get it how I'm living
They don't
the tide hasten the catastrophe.
(While we're on the topic, the results were catastrophic.)
If I wasn't so adept at declaring him inept,
I might join
Well, I don't think about us much anymore
And frankly the topic has become a bore
And you don't come up much in my conversations
And I don't think
I'm sorry if I seem impatient
I'm not a fan of pleasantries
See, I get bored with the weather and what's in the news
The topics we all hide
just call me Maliq I'm not a prophet
Pass me a topic and I'll drop it
Because it gets, hairier, never marry or flurries a throne
To hell with a boy

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