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Yo, it's Tone Starks the don, the face of a killer
The voice of the past and presence, I speak thrillers
Rock the purple robe, crush them with 24
can split it
Why you care what my pigment is?
Held me down, I was progressing
Reminded me that my skin tone's rich
L-o-l slowthai in 'fits
Oh, the shape and the power of 
The Voice 
In strong low tones 

Forceful and twisting again 
Wasting the perfect remains 
I've felt it once
Happy in my harvest home
Walking floors with the ghost all alone
Happy that I'm made of stone
To grieve that I cause is my cause to a tone
Speak, voodoo Marie, let me hear thy tongue
Queen of New Orleans mother of the coven
Sing, voodoo Marie you've been called out again

good in what I bring it's in the songs I sing

So let me sing and go on by build your castles to the sky
I make mine with words and tones and so I work
in deep rich tones 

Goodnight, goodnight, 
Sweet baby 
The world has more for you 
Than it seems 
Goodnight, goodnight 
Let the moonlight take
at the bones
Figuring the interest on delinquent loans
Speaking in sad and mournful tones
Trying to squeeze tears out of mute stones

Wet your finger, place
When the drugs hit you
Tingly begins
Conviction plus tone equals hope
Under the threat of separation

The nadir's fluorescent
The shriek of a gull
Guitar man's got a Beale Street tone
Girls up front baby all night long
Oh what a night to come home alone

Yeah the preacher taught him daddy
merry, merry Christmas
On, on they send, on without end
Their joyful tone to ev'ry home
Ding, dong, ding, dong

Hark, how the bells, sweet silver bells
Don't need copper-tone on your skin
When my hands can still pretend
Girl, we don't need a white sand beach
When your lips get to kissing on me
Suckling big parts
You are on task

Strike a vein so we can see
If it leaves some kind of mark
No, its too dark
It's dark

Strike a tone
Blasting their treble tones,
And the arguments are disputed after school,
In the parking lot as the teachers bend the rules.

Patiently you
is here

Merry, Merry, Merry, Merry Christmas
Merry, Merry, Merry, Merry Christmas
On on they send
on without end
their joyful tone 
to every
talk everyone

i am word torn tone

singing glory

glory's letting go

and in the end

we begin

older and younger

count your distraction
When we dance
It looks just like fire
When we sing it
It sounds the same tone
We all have hearts
We all have homes
But when we die
We die
When we dance it looks just like fire.
When we sing it sounds the same tone.
We all have hearts, We all have homes.
But when we die, We die,
for high-tone places

Liz Taylor is not his style
And even Lana Turner's smile
Is somethin' he can't see
My baby don't care who knows
My baby just
the tone of her voice (i.e., her accents), and her thoughts 
Sempre un amabile, leggiadro viso, 
Always a sweet, pretty face, 
in pianto o in riso, è
for high-tone places

Liz Taylor is not his style
And even Lana Turner's smile
Is somethin' he can't see
My baby don't care who knows
My baby just
tone to every home
How the bells, sweet silver bells
All seem to say, "Throw cares away"
Christmas is here, bringing good cheer
To young
was at a point where I wanted to quit 
Then I heard a new chord. 

Deeper [7x]
Semi tone modulation 
Stronger [7x]
Semi tone modulation
this dance that really grooves

Buzz like a drone
To that guitar tone
Be the cool chick on the scene
When you fly around like a queen

Do the bee

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