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no more smiles to win you, no tricks to turn your head
When love cannot continue, there's not much to be said.


It's all cut and thrust
You guys would still be on my case
You guys would still be on my case

But he can't leave his fears behind
He recalls each fatal thrust
The screams
challenge and kill

Born again
You'll be born again

Look at this prince of evil
Fighting for your mind
Fighting all priests of shame
For the thrust
kiss the same
In the mating game 
But I can't complain now

Bend, peel ,slap, squeal
Doggie, doggie, shudder, on your bended knees
Thrust, pump,
of the tower stared like the black eyes of the night
The tower stood as a spike thrust straight in to the heart of heaven
As struck down in to the mountain by
And I would take a breath.
If I could kill the hate inside of me.
Know the healing.
Of the teachers words come light.
Oh I will thrust my heart to you
Heavens tricked below
Thrust life into the inanimate
Fables of coming were foretold

A life once proficient
Torn into bewilderment
Harking prophecies
thrust upwards in defiance, three inverted as the trinity denied
A phalanx of mourners in black, falling towards nightly terror

Unleash the temted
Hypersonic, oh yeah 

Gotta thrust further, gotta touch the cream 
On ice sculpture with its sparkling gleam 
Melts me quickly, can't slow down 
Well I can't believe what I've done
Unlocked the door to my secret place
Thrust onto me with arrows to my heart
The inevitable: my soul's ripped
Hammer down the nails...

unfurl the coming aeon

the world as you see it...will be gone

thrust into chaos

unpredicted prophecies unfold

a comfort of surface.
You're time soon to retum.
I will put the gun lock.

What can I thrust?
In this my own mouth.
This story ends too short.
So I
the thoughts we share, there's a monument to the landmark
There's a psychic gash, there's a chasm that serves to set apart
But the pain is real and it's thrust
challenge and kill

Born again
You'll be born again

Look at this prince of evil
Fighting for your mind
Fighting all priests of shame
For the thrust
Did you crunch your aircraft 
Are you are you are you are you 
Are you now 
Are you are you are you are you 
Are you now 
The space boss
If you wrote a book defacing my name
And you wrote a volume disregarding my words
If you used your pen to bring harm to my world
If you thrust your
You need me and I need this illusion of safety.
I'm just too scared of being alone.
Feed me a steady diet of resuscitator thrusts.
Without you my air
and the wicked 
And tomorrow I’ll be gone

I thrust my hands in ‘til the nerves all went cold 
I tasted silver and I tasted gold 
And when the bandage lifted,
Please remedy my confusion
And thrust me back to the day
The silence of your seclusion
Brings night into all you say

Pull me down again
Pierclastic flow sets of a tower of ash
Through ignorance and misplaced trust your world's crushed
Too late to activate hyperspace of thrust
Even wearing
Such a gruesome bleeding heart
Stabbing against the thrust
Those vicous memories
Of broken trust
The bitter food of hatred
I will force feed
of sedition;
The steadfast gleam of the unsheated rapier,
The falchion's forceful thrust
At the heart of thy empire... the adam kadmon
To impart
Bastard Christ Second comign of sacrifice Release my chained hands No more virus of your worship Thrust of nails Into these wrists Sworn to death
things right (...and my shame!)

We filled our days the same

We shared a sacred thrust, I cast it into flames

Revealed a fragile hide,


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