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Your hands on my hips pull me right back to you
I catch that thrust, give it right back to you
You're in so deep, I'm breathing for you
You grab
module: LAM meter reads level
Crystal absorption unit: CAU meter reads level
Vector thrust module: VTM meter reads level
Vector Activity:
Planes thrust
Up through' the pink
Northern sky
In perfect time
Heavy bright
White ships
Glide on grey waters
Stained shades of blue
Licking your body gyrating nubs 
Pit of torsos with heads in lust 
Wriggling writhing orgy of flesh 
Against your face their groins they thrust
at the seed, my seam is fraying
I've been grieving old fashioned at the seed, my seam is fraying

Silk once rushed this thrust has rusted dry
Slip your flux
Seem like a year of ecstasy
Every moment spent apart
Was like a sword thrust through my heart

I thought our love would grow and grow
But all that
the world

Do I care anymore, if there's a new beginning
The simple plan is broken
Every time it's given
I needed thrust and love but grab the hand
belt at the very best

There's a bayonet in my family things
It was made in the USA to defend the king
And though the sinew that thrust
And all
Kill the squid, cut the tree
Arrogant human meat
Metal thrust, body parts pulled apart
Partly smart, partly odd, piling on
Part of me wants
There's a light, there's a light in the darkness

It will rain it will rain in the desert
In the cracks of the plain there's a treasure
Like the thrust
Death head smiles
The hammer strikes
Thundering the names
Everything you know is naught
And never be regained
The spear is thrust
The iron
To thrust aside the limits
To say "Yes" to death
Without fear, without remorse
To give up oneself to torture

Punishment and reward
The whip is
Get set for the rush
We're on the ascent
Thrust ignite

Pressure drop
It's only natural
It draws the breath from your lung

knowledge abused and forlorn for a private psychological feast
A carnival of dissolving tissues, 
Brutally I thrust the scalpel, into this pool of pus
I, me, you, themselves and all of us
Chemicals, electricity and thrusts
Quiet night, hoping the dream
Blends with conveyor belt life

Save your soul
It's bright with holes
Rays on pinion
Lay me down

Our trust lies in mighty wing
As we thrust ourselves into the drink
Ignorant laws thrust in our face

For the sin that he creates
Forgive lord, we must be weak
Remove the weight of sin
Release harmony
Her knees thrust in one direction
Like a symbol of math, a symbol meaning Greater Than.

I come recommended by four out of five,
I'm a factor in
Penetration - Suffocation
Lust infernal storm
Warhead weeping wound
Orgasmic thrust one hundredfold
Flagellate ripping spine
One thousand cuts explode
swishing tail

Kill kill the dragon
Kill kill the beast inside
Kill kill the dragon
Victory is by my side

He thrust the sword into the dragon's guts
Look into my eyes,
C'mon and thrust with me,
Let's get down child

We'll scream so loud we can't even fucking breathe

It's the time
dressed in black
A slash and a thrust
A stab in the back

The rages of fury
The cause of the fight
We're soldiers of metal
And we rule the night
Come on baby, thrust me, trust me, get me off
You're my poison and I cannot get enough

Come on baby, thrust me, trust me, get me off
You're my
reduce them to dust
But don't forget the knife that was thrust.

Turn to fly, go away
Little bird, please don't stay
Fare thee well.

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