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would provide

Tied in a bind
The sovereign hand of God had constrained me
Though paralyzed
His resurrection power sustained me
Oh, like a fire
My burning
sometimes there's only i don't know the stars enumerated
Sustained by what it once was just some insurrectional one off nondenominational
Not insemination of,
originated and
And through him is all life sustained and
And to him is all consummated
To him be the glory, amen

Oh the depth
Oh the depth of the riches
sustained world hunger
Because it sustained you

When Christmas comes around
Just remember the heartbeats
Of those who suffer
In the cold of the frozen night
Just be Mine
Just be Mine

I can be strong, I can be brave
I can dance upon the waves
'Cause through Your joy I am sustained
'Cause You give me
I hear a low chord play inside me, a sustained note holding
Like the equation inside fire, I'm feeling inhuman
I stand and watch the rollercoaster

Well, I woke up in shambles
I woke up all alone
Don't need no one to entertain me
I am purely self-sustained
And I belong to no one
I belong
Today just laughed at me
Sustained by what i know
Can't connect, can't connect, boy
So go talk, cause they'll talk of...
Talk about what he said,
That's how we are sustained
On pretty girls make graves

Sweetly you punctuate weakness
Claire you do it perfectly
The highway it helps to forget
By this we are all sustained: a belief in human nature
And in justice and parity...all we have is the faith to carry on.
Imperceptible the change
Poverty was invented to make smart people simple
The poor class is sustained to make right people wrong
There's no way to educate that unselected mind
there´s no light

Take my selfishness away oh Lord I pray
Breathe your breath and I am sustained

Share the love and pass the flame 
Again and again
on death.
Perpetual War

Replenish mortal form
Replaced with an artificial one.
An illusion of continuance
Life sustained only to be consumed.

the trees of letters follow
Raison soot the earth and would he care if all again restarted

sustained weeping his leaves the summing of trees
The simplest
Down Below, where the cold winds blow
Roots sustained from the blood that you flow
Hard to see, hard to see where you be at
Where we meet
you've been up to, what you're going through

And when people warn me
I swear, I'm so quick to defend you
Instead I see you here sustained
Something better than the horror I'm foreseeing
But it feels hopeless, humanity's revolting

Hope's the only thing that has ever sustained me
Like my old
Everything humane has been erased
Left me here but I sustained 
I can die but still remain 
Ashes are my saving grace 
Uh uh uh 
Ashes to ashes
sustained life holds down every part of me
Oh I wonder if I'm really scared, or if the men who foddered screams had ever cared
Oh I wonder if your lurking
on the line

Driving the road here tonight, my thoughts were of Susan and I
Now her love sustained me, the road almost claimed me
They're laying my life out in
Cause it's now or never
Real love
Real love forever
Real love

Born of the ball and chain
Into a world sustained with sorrow

Real love
A real
Paper, paper, paper, paper, paper

Money ain't a thang

My my baby's banging,
Beefing with me,
Squashed it ordained it,
Better yet sustained
sustained nothing worse than 
Also, for example
Whatever you're doing
A business deal falls through
I informed him on the third night, when fortune gives
shall come rejoicing, bringing in the sheaves.

Going forth with weeping, sowing for the Master,
Though the loss sustained our spirit often grieves;

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