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stitching clothes and collecting fire wood

We must be crazy have shit for brains
If we think this can be sustained
It's science fiction you may say
at my door
I can't run, I can't hide
I can't do this anymore
I'll give you my body just to keep you sustained
I hope it's sufficient and I hope you remain
bringing in the sheaves.

Going forth with weeping, sowing for the Master,
Thoough the loss sustained, our spirit often grieves;
When our weeping’s over, He
dust we would've never sustained
She connected us, helping us accept the trust
We now have for one another

We're still caressing the crust, yet
enough to quell your capital gaining vice
Crops are dying, suits are lying
Sustained by greed

Your grimy hands are soiling everything
A multibillion-large
unscathed, except head injury I discovered

That'd I'd sustained from the injury, comatose I couldn't remember much
But I know I had to relive baby
the same places
Decades later we stay raking
Stay awake till the approaching day
That all my family is well sustained

My momma love me I'm blessed
My mind
Destroyed mentalities in their
Corrupt brain they revolt
Against themselves
When lies are sustained
They feel
A daily basis, of corruption
Sweet home
Here I'm comfy 
Here I'm safe
Got amusement
Gotta keep that smile sustained
Got my order on the way
I've got all I'll ever need
sustained me lord
Yesterday trouble is gone
Am alive by your strength oh Lord
Brand new day
new opportunities
Owuro ojo tuntun 
Mode lati gba itoni re.
you had taken as fact

That was a sign of the way you say it could've gone
The snap of a heartstring you thought was too strong
You're sustained
soul radiates

Lost within eyes oceans deep
I'd sooner drown than breach the surface
Sustained by the touch of an angel
Gentle tides carry me

If home is
It’s a crazy life if you’re flying blind
I limped the Corvette over
To a motel around the bend
She sustained some damage
But this wouldn’t be the end
with life, sustained us, and brought us to this moment
streets for a runway
Ya someday
All I needs a beat to keep sustained
You act suspect
And then you come plain
You like to complain
I like to run
The host with the most-est fixing what's broken
Of course, I'm off the hook like a phone that's cordless
The self-sustained engineer slash recordist
Pharaoh flexes, dildo cronies obey
And beat the masses, Populations sustained

If you trust them, your crazy
They depend on your complacency
So I will wait for you
Wait for you
To speak to me
Speak to me, oh
You might be silent but you never leave
I’m learn learning new ways that you
I'm a catch, under pressure, feet down, over shoulders
What a host, nice greeting, drinks made, with the coaster
Hard-wired, self-sustained, conductor
breakfast, lunch And dinner as well 
Sustained by the grease that's clogging my arteries, I'm ashamed by the amount of the Affection I seek 

Always up in
is a car I'm propane
My power is going insane
My future self got me sustained
I switch lanes I will unpair
Any fake ass clone or a loser spare
the dark
Cold and rain
All the pain that I sustained
I am so numb now
But I can still tell you just how I feel
Cause it's so real
And this wound won't heal
to the study
So I vent my anger without feeling so cruddy 

Never been a winner, but I have sustained
Always stayed on path, they called me deranged
Said I was
At a rate
That cannot be sustained
With a face
That would not be embraced
Would not be embraced
Catch me I'm falling
Catch me I'm falling

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