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It feels like it's right about that time
To say, I'm missing something here
Like a whistle, sustained
But there is no more air to use
And listen
what to say now
It's just a game now
Going up the same lines
Drawing up the same lies
It's just a game now
Calling a sustained life

Going up and down
But when I remember you've been faithful
To keep me sustained and safe from harm
You remind me I'm still here for a purpose
Your promise is waiting
worse never complained
They tried to curse never sustained
I was birthed on a Friday
A young nigga blessed like Sunday

Don't you holla I'm not your
day, I think we'd be okay
You're probably asleep, so my burning heart you won't see
It's always just the comedown
Find my sustained, restrained

It seems
by with no claims, no shame no pain, just gain, sustained
Obtainable happiness, the past we get to live through
The last regrets keep influencing
Just hoping it rains
Maybe a blessing or two
Shit they feeding is grain
Ima trapped motherfucka
On an open terrain
Like a magical box
Heat boiling

Sustained critical pain to late to be reversed
Caught up in a cycle where my eulogy's rehearsed
FLCL in the verse, traverse between portals
to follow my passion, follow my heart
All I really want is to live, to love, and make art
Be self sustained and grow my own food
Meditate daily, stay in
do not have good aim
My will be sustained
I go against grain
It's tulsa world
Ima keep it 1000
We was running thru public housing
My pops sustained us
I'll give it all to him fuck being famous
Spent his whole
to embrace
Cuz my life can’t be sustained on this busy highway I need a parade like every single day
These thoughts my head creates it’s like a grenade
But I’m
Cargo moves like blood through veins
We're sustained by the roads we built

We shed our limitations
We shed our limitations

We can't hide our
of myself is all that remains 
Wounds that won't heal is what I have sustained 
Your love was a drug that I took by mistake 
Now I'm stuck in this debt that I
being self-sustained is but a mere coin flip
Heads or tails, do the thought crime
Sketch yourself
It's like Russian roulette with Sean Price: Sket ya self

Through You all things were made
By you all things sustained
Everlasting Peace
You're everything I need

Nothing compares to you
You're all that I
We chase wealth, fuck fame
Spark another blunt- cuz we smoking all day
I been smoking daily, smoking daily
Smoking daily, smoking daily
Your desires are fair
Come away to despair
Oh, he's circling over my head in the desert
But I'm fed and sustained
By the bread of a Father who cares
Singing tenderness day after day

Your thoughts are not my thoughts
Your ways are not my ways
Beyond what I can know
Beyond what I can take
The inner G to get the Energy flowin
Try to 
Maintain the reign once the
Flood gates are open
Look how
Long eye sustained I'm amazed though it Left
many people do it
But you have to learn to embrace it because it's the only environment where sustained or exponential growth can occur

They quiet when
shit, peace of mind
Cook up, coked up, untamed, we start, again
New gains, sustained, gone plat, on track, we stacked
Go ham, eerrtime, eerrday, we tag,
Yet, you've sustained a articulated, formulated chic

Guess I've been a lonesome lustful shadow all this time
That strived to replicate the one I dreamt
Nothing is ever given or gained
It is only borrowed sustained, the trick is to alienate
Not to find what's above, the true traits
Gotta rise with

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