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Circa Survive


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Or whatever it takes, no matter how hard

Oh, somehow, we all gotta find a way to survive now
Somehow, we all gotta find a way to survive

She's hot
Do you feel the foul stench in the air? 
Like corpses left to rot in the sun 
Nearly dead parasites trying desperately to survive 
It smells like
Strong survive
Strong survive
All these illusions we've created in this life 

Oh. just to survive in this world 
Survive in this world
Survive in this world
Survive in
Miracles will happen as we trip

But we're never gonna survive, unless
We get a little crazy
No we're never gonna survive, unless
We are
to hell
I'm gonna tell you how I feel
I'm gonna make it real
Only the strong survive
You got to be tough
Got to stand tall
Only the strong survive
And I'll
gotta fight this all 
What we give is what we get 
As only you could know 
We will survive 
He pushes to the left of me 
Pushes to my side
Am I dreaming, am I alive, the final war, I did survive
One of the chosen. One of the few. A world in ruins because of who
Now you look around
Hey the name is Sarai 
I got what you need to survive, 
If your down with me we ganna ride no mastake
I am the original, hey the name is Sarai 
Pardon me
Am I supposed to listen
To your jaded views
Rusted as the glisten
Don't believe him
You survive
Your massive
the rain

She breathes the air from a far country
This bond survives like it's all told dream
I close my eyes, and how far I see
She takes the rain
No little shack do you share with me,
We do not flee from the mortgagee,
Nary a care in the world have we,
How can love survive?

You're fond
beware the deadly sign

The day is coming
Armageddon's near
Inferno's coming
Can we survive the blitzkrieg?
The blitzkrieg
The blitzkrieg

Save us from
And help me to survive
Kick me when I'm down

Feed me poison, for me till I drown
Wake me up before I get ṗunched out
And fall into the night

Warm my heart
Risin' up, back on the street
Did my time, took my chances
Went the distance
Now I'm back on my feet
Just a man and his will to survive

{You know you ought to, slow down..}
"Nine to five is how you survive, I ain't tryin to survive" -> Jay-Z
{You know you ought to, slow down..}
In the desert artillery takes it's time
Pounds and recoils, shell after shell
Sunk in the sand, a shattered statue lies
Nothing survives in
Let's turn the same page
We'll have our say
Maybe we'll fail but don't push trying aside
Find another way

We'll awaken to this reclamation
I'll still survive
do we have the strength to survive

Stuck in a revolving tour 
Caught in our race for sure
Just look into your eyes
Now do we have the strength

Real love will survive
Devil of defeat, better step aside
Real love will survive
If you need a witness, me and my little missus
We can
of a daisy
Unknown to survive
It's amazing
Look motherfucker look it's a daisy
Unknown to survive
Unknown to survive

Everything changed when I saw this
I look at your picture too often it helps keep your mem'ry alive
It's not healthy they say to relive yesterday but for me it's the way to survive
Eh-eh-ahem, special announcement, 
Rich bitches don't die
And that's why you won't survive the summer!

Uh, she's salty, I sauté the bitch

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