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mean shishkabob
Have a taste they were made fresh today

Try the rye or the kaiser or the wheat or the white
Maybe I can suggest an appetizer
Suggest that he should relax
But he's always movin' much too fast
Said he'll see me on the flip side
On this trip he's taken for a ride

He's been
Whoa, I suggest you step out on your porch
Oh yeah, huh, huh, huh, huh yeah
Run away my son, see it all, oh see the world

Oh reach the door,
I suggest, the secret of Christmas (the secret of Christmas)
It's not the things you do, at Christmas time
But the Christmas things you do all year
You used to say it'll be ok
Suggest little nice things I should do
And when I go home at night and lay my head down
Last thing I think about was
bank accounts, 3 ounces and 2 vehicles
Until my death, I'm Bangladesh
I suggest you hold yo' breath 'til ain't none left
Yo that's the difference
It's hard to tell what the talent is carrying.  

Well, I suggest you try real hard, Hater One.  

Uh, yes sir, well it looks like
about it?
(Talk on,talk on)
While you're looking I suggest you take a good look'
And I hope you find just what it is you're looking for 
guest, I suggest

You can hate me now,(Q.B.) but I won't stop now (real niggas)
Cause I can't stop now, (Bravehearts) you can hate me now (c'mon)
But I
rhymes like these
Never crackin' not lackin' and I still pull G's

Well I ah, impress the bad, suggest the rad
Who be less when they 'fess, against
suggest you know the rules
We puttin' guns to fools, make you run yo' jewels
Take yo' honey and cruise to the snootiest snooze, Cabos
Pop coochie 'til
we are, have always been
Will ever be as one

What is done has been done for the best
Though the mist in my eyes might suggest
Just a little
suggest that you sample our five o'clock tea
Which we feel certain will tempt your pallet?
However we regret that after a diligent search

[Gangsta Dresta]
Nigga eva deadly
Ya just don`t know who ya fucking with
So I suggest get in ya sh*t and keep trucking bitch
Before I get my
a chick that make it hard for me to "next!"
We exit stage left, hope in the Lexus
Treat me like a baby, mouth on her breast-es
May I suggest this
hear what I'm saying, homie I ain't playing

After the fist fights it's gunfire, boy, you get the best of me
If you don't wanna get shot I suggest you
dammit they done changed the rules"

Deliver this through your audio, ghetto mafioso
Grow hydro, then bag it up slow
Price that, longevity suggest make
your face now don't get pissed
But I suggest you see a dermatologist
I keep that hot sauce hot not mild and weak
It's gonna burn your mouth until you
wutchu tryin' do that
I suggest you do not
My chain is hot, what's more hot than that
That's how I murda music, that's why your broads on my back
not considered
Considered cool
I don't suggest it myself
But no I won't sweat

I want to change your ways
Said I'm gonna get it right one of these
do what we say
This could be the end of you today
My gunner run into you today
Here's what I suggest you do when they spray

You lay down, lay down,
Langston Hughes, I suggest A Raisin in the Sun
Listen to Sam Cooke, a change gon' come
You put the work in, don't worry about the praise, my love
Please let me say from the start
I don't pretend to be smart
I just suggest what I think best
Having your int'rest at heart

I only
It's fine dining we suggest
Be our guest
Be our guest
Be our guest

Life is so unnerving
For a servant who's not serving
He's not whole without

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