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Man, I don't give a fuck, I don't really
You can quote that from the Pope of North Philly
Only to my nature do I credit successors
I'm one

Elevated threshold of pain
Masterpiece of the unsane
Miles away from the next to be
Successors of pure violent misery

Grind down to human
The victorious reign!
We are the glorious order,
Bound together by blood and by faith,
Successors to a tradition.
Are we the vessels of death?

I come from where you don't disrespect none of your successors
I don't fuck whores that I can't leave in less than six seconds
"Who the best?" is
down, it's time to stop and stare
There's a successor I want you to meet
His misery and loneliness have exceeded expectations
But still we fall down

Fgmenth beloved successor
See all dreams come true
Deliver us to him
Obey in the power create me
Inside my eyes your sight

Inside my mind your voice
His White House bed short-sheeted

Bush must be defeated
His welcome's been exceeded
Successors must be greeted
The imposter excreted

where business you got none
See yourself deemed a stressor
Every man is someone's successor

Beating on an iron door
You're looking like
inhaled by my successors keep them guessin' (mm, oh)
Thugs never leave 'cause after he I'm next
Surrender quietly or violently depart with pierced hearts
Look I'm coming at y'all highly aggressive
Tell Aubrey he ain't the only one that's mighty possessive 
Me I'm the most likely successor 
Ever since I
the gats go crazy!

[Nino Bless]
Look, you know, look
Fuck a lecture, ain't tryin to be Pun's successor
That term's done fucker, what up whatever
You birds
Through the gates of Hell
From Celestial Streams
With Elyzian Fields
Our Gnosis unbounds
Father of Thorns
Crowned in Defeat
Sweet Successor
Our only
still shitting on your best, yuh
alright listen up, I'm ya professor
you a quiz and I am the tester
ya'll are old news I'm the successor
speakers bumpin loud yeah
the mirror
Baptized in what I have done
Signs from the terror
I was not the bloody one
As I Walked through this new dimension
I had to find my successor
Then I
pills ain't no pain
Ain't no successor forever He reigns

A billion years ahead
This old world will be nothing
There's a joy that is coming like
the next nexus wish the elected successor success
it was written like cigarette threats this is as sick as it gets
king KON artist sick dictator

The hidden son to all unknown, came to fight the
The knights must be convinced
Challenging the prince
He'll bring you peace
When I lost my throne to a successor
With far more expansive plans than I ever did
I abdicated

You're the last thing I want
I'd love to stay here
this night
Successor to take up control
Aggression overthrows fear
Your downfall slowly unfolds

Burning quest for power
Possess minds as they
as a stumbling dimented child-king long enough!
And as his empire crumbles, my precious Black Widow shall rise as his most fitting successor! 

These words he
And the result is murder
This age is grave bound
Likewise, its aging successors
Aging, all the while, descending
Developing an even more insatiable thirst for
delivers each blow in whisper form
Confidence through faith and the trail left by history
Those age old successors that have come and gone before me
was born
Far north embraced by tundra
My forter said I bore the marks
I was going to be his successor

I watched my ancestors to bleed themselves
Omae Wa mou Shinderu, ya feel me?
If you don't know by now, I'll tell you who I are
The True Successor, Divine Fist of the North Star

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