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Stun Gun  


you be mad when Im quiet
I swear to God it hurt me every time I see you cry
Sometimes I still be nervous when you’re right here by my side
I aint stun
I lost my half when I divided a fraction
(Fuck dat, you worried bout wat dese other niggas got
Man go fuck wit dem other niggas
I ain’t stun dat
And that goes in my backpack
Hands up this is a hold up
I am shoplifting
My phasers set to stun
My third eye set to kill
I have read your future
these niggas hoes
We got no love for the opps
Gotta stand ten toes don't care who told, pull up and knock of his top
Ain't stun these hoes they for
Hades, devoured her
Themis blind, sin is much stronger
Demon's ready to Earth conquer

Somwhere whots, people in stun
One killed man, in blood a gun
Tú me detienes mejor que un stun! (SKRTT)
Shawty te llevo pal' club
Nos vamos juntitos en todo este tour! (OKAY)
Tengo lo que quiere tú
Siempre toy'
shot with tons of stun spore. Yugo man come and shutdown the road
Like police man with murderous tongue. Own the sum and turn on the plan
More heat come
love love you ทันที
ตกหลุมรักเธอแล้ว baby
อาการไม่ดีสติไม่มี stun อยู่อย่างนั้น

ยืน stun

The pressure builds
The pressure builds

Each fracture stuns and staggers you
Beaten down or standing straight
Is it brave or is it foolish then
Spin stuns the engine down on alligator road
Breathes rust, dust, bones, and knows the stall before repose
Holds catalyst in hand, retreats
You want the 411 got you stun, heard you ask about me
Dropped another one on the run, and I'm comin' poppi
All about ya business you no fun, that
to hate me but you don't know what you're doing
You want to tell me but you don't know what you're doing
You want to stun me but you don't know what you're
run, gotta run
Going off in a minute gotta do it
I'mma do it
How I knew that I would do it

Gotta stun, gotta stun
All the people that are new
And I'mma
and motive that'll stun them niggas
I'm at my lowest point
Nobody there I felt there defeated
Look, all the pain I felt man it was worth it nigga
And now I
For what
She's a fungun

Uno Dos Tres
Bitch we know
She's a fungun

Pull up with a stun gun
Imma end the fun hun
Now I'm getting back for them
you a fright
So you should run
You are done
This is no game, no fun, no fame
I'll knock you out
Like a stun gun (Stun gun)
Why do you try
When will you
it, gun it 
Drive into the sun it
Want it, front it 
Stun the ton and punch it
One it, won it
None it, run it

When it's dark and there's nowhere
the red light on
Set the faders to stun
Let the ampex run run
58 takes and I’ll be home
Get the union on the phone
Fill out my card mr. signatory
Can you
собираю мозаику (Let's go) 

Заходим толпой и каждый из нас psycho (Воу)
Кручу LSD, я на творческом vibe'е (Vibe'е)
Бейби со мной, в stun'е (В stun
they livin' uptown

In the project, you know niggas be stun'n, round
If a nigga don't play ya nigga, go lay your ass down
Like a man, bruh ­ you know how
go away until the shovel
Get in the shuttle, never stutter like a stun gun
I leave you stunned like algebra formulas on ya terrain
So when the time
to stun
For every thine ear to shun
For every midnight sun
Platinum, we do it as one
For every evil under the sun
For every remedy - none
Bring it back
came with the flame
Burning down this year
It's time to rebuild the damn game

Been living underground
For so long the thought stuns
It's a long time
got a lil red dot and stun.

Stinging you like a wasp
Got my laser pointed
Pull the trigger at no cost.

666 riding with a bitch
And she ain't scared

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