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Stun Gun  


Like we saw linebackers all for a tat.

So who wanna blame us,
Who wanna say for being insane in our brain.
Propped out places, face said to stun
my finger on the trigger, gonna do a shoot and run
I'll see you honey when the shooting's done
We gotta aim to stun so grab your guns
And let's go
Burn like the sun 
Fly like a tern
Shock like a stun
Shows overrun
We here have fun
And we’re not done
We just began
And we aiming at one

We aiming
Up my mind is a elevator 
Why you take the long way you such a escalator 
Soon to be poppin I can't stun about a hater 
Gotta draw it down brush it
of you bitches can stun it

Crazin n razin' n grazin' on bitches
Wishin for riches
Lyrically too hard to ever even diss it

It's the greatest who made it
had and it's still cummin'
I feel it on my hand and it's still runnin'
Ooh make that pussy drip
It's The Stun Gun yeah bitch I'm soaked in fuckin' drip
Made you feel like you're the only one
But I don’t like who you’ve become
You carry your love like a loaded gun
You only shoot to kill, fuck a stun
behind you, I hit you with stuns
I got a me choppa, I got me big guns
You bitches just copy like you are my son
You send me your troops, but now there are
Sharp with the tongue in sync with the drum 
I Pick up the mic and set it to stun 

Master of ceremonies, not custodial arts 
But forever brushing up
Watch me leave you stunned

Only thing you hearing from me skurt
If your attitude it needing work
Only meant to stun 
It shouldn't hurt 
Unless you losing
dispense it
Fill my bag aint stun nun these Bitches (Go get it!)
Get the bag go get it
I Aint going sad made a middy
I stay down on a pivot
Got right down
hop out and they run
Til it's done I won't stop until I get to number one
I'm gripping guns
They so shocked at me I hit em with the stun
Right with
And I ain't on no sad shit but I can't trust my last bitch

Fuck bitches get money
When I was broke I swear to God they wouldn't stun me
I used
love love you ทันที
ตกหลุมรักเธอแล้ว baby
อาการไม่ดีสติไม่มี stun อยู่อย่างนั้น

ยืน stun

The pressure builds
The pressure builds

Each fracture stuns and staggers you
Beaten down or standing straight
Is it brave or is it foolish then
Spin stuns the engine down on alligator road
Breathes rust, dust, bones, and knows the stall before repose
Holds catalyst in hand, retreats
they livin' uptown

In the project, you know niggas be stun'n, round
If a nigga don't play ya nigga, go lay your ass down
Like a man, bruh ­ you know how
to stun
For every thine ear to shun
For every midnight sun
Platinum, we do it as one
For every evil under the sun
For every remedy - none
Bring it back
came with the flame
Burning down this year
It's time to rebuild the damn game

Been living underground
For so long the thought stuns
It's a long time
got a lil red dot and stun.

Stinging you like a wasp
Got my laser pointed
Pull the trigger at no cost.

666 riding with a bitch
And she ain't scared
(Anything she wanna')
But I'm no thug and I don't got a Gunna (I don't gota a Gunna)
Not a stunna'
But I'll walk in and stun her (I'll stun her)
I'm off
juggernaut pra valer
vou atropelar você
mais um stun e cê num pode crer
no ferro eles vão grudar
é eu vou magnetizar
como insetos vão se esperniar
to hate me but you don't know what you're doing
You want to tell me but you don't know what you're doing
You want to stun me but you don't know what you're
run, gotta run
Going off in a minute gotta do it
I'mma do it
How I knew that I would do it

Gotta stun, gotta stun
All the people that are new
And I'mma

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