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Stun Gun  


George Michael confessed...
The only thing he Wanted more than Sex was the Star Trek 
Original Series box set

Set the phasers to stun
Arm photon
and study slaughterhouse
Because sex, money, and drugs is what this life is all about it’s Dre bitch
Gold accent but all black for for the body
Stun em like
I still step outside and run
I still work hard and stun

Camp Pain Smeared on My Name
Whose to blame
I don't give a fuck
I'm doin' me
Weird thoughts 
Stun my brain
With their experiments
In madness you reborn
Ironies justified with lies
The room exploited 
Tied and no way out
matter what you wear you always stun
Me and you forever let's make it happen
You are Victorias Secret Weapon

If you're in trouble
Don't worry - I got you
No counting shots 

Ever run see the gun never stun 
Raised in the slum Gotta do crime ready for time  
Where I'm from solve it wit a gun 
It’s dart dart dart that’s a stun gun
Yes we actin wild till the sun come
Dirty ass hoe got a bum bump
She just wanna fuck bring a plus one
tropical lands
We soon shall see again
Our stuns'l booms are carried away
What care we for that sound?
A living gale is after us
Thank God we're homeward
them legs shaking cause my dick is like a stun gun
Mane told her I ain’t playing I ain’t playing shid I’m motherfuckin staying have you leaking where you
Lead to cakes
Can feed a village
Plates is saved here
Taste could shake a sage
And stun a mage
From waving thangs here
Mistake her for a saint
when I'm done
Wake her up just for fun
Piss her off just for fun
Put that weapon on stun
What the fuck
Put that weapon on kill yall intruding
Kill yall
Niki, aumenta o volume, faz a magia, meu bem

Ayy, ayy

(Só vou combar depois que o stun passar)
Charme raro, mas 'cê lembra outro cara
Or is it me
I’m on the run
Was livin life
Just havin fun
On the run
Ya, on the run
You can’t catch me
I’m fly
I stun
But can you see
This isn’t me
I live
There is no epidemic
Guess I’m the only one
Kill joy lost
Left the gun set to stun
There is no way to save them
I don’t even mind
I left another reason
The the best ain stun the rest, she ain never gotta lie to me
Got pick of either shoulder if she ever wanna cry to me
Her heart is a lock, and you kno she gave
(yeah yeah)
Threw it like a stun (yeah yeah)
Yeah she got me fucked up
Shawty fucked me up
I never had been dubbed
Addicted to your love
Please don't go
Stones I've been saving
From stars lie underneath
Cons and fables 
That stun the faithful sheep
I hope my brothers
All someday will see
The groans
then my **** just run
You might have a chance if I don’t have a gun
Two piece it stun
Stepping I’m stepping I’m stepping I walked up in seven eleven
wanna hear
Ima treat you how you wanna feel foreal
Baby you know Ima thug
And it be hard for me to love
Its like whatever I do It ain't enough
Ain stun
Grindin' for Bentlys', ain't stun no bitches
When you get money, these bitches come with it
Riches and bitches, got Forgies they sixes
My weed is
Walk so killer
Pretty little thriller
Get what I want
And I’ll leave them all bitter
Shook when I stun
Yeah you know I deliver
Serve em all cunt
out the sun
Your body know ima stun dick you down i'm never done yeah
Problems we always solve loving the second you call you pick me up right when i
a chemistry
We match
Yea the energy
Know me shawty
Ima keep it G
Put your wrist buss down
On fleek
Get you everything
That you need
I ain’t stun these hoes
Watch them all be hating on the come up
I'm just tryna do me and run up
All of my funds go up in a check
And flex on the haters leaving em stun up

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