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Stun Gun  


pleins de joints,
On court les bars,
Notre vie est remplis dhistoire,
St'un depart pour la gloire pi sa recomence a chaque soirs,
Tu pognes le tempo Ho No
a damn
Oh baby think you can
Be my girl, I'll be your man

Someone full of fun
Do me 'till I'm well done
Little Bo Peep
Cumin' from my stun gun
Bentley's 'round the city on buttons, ya bitch
Arm hangin', wrist blingin' - just stun'n and shit
Drop the top, block is hot
Stay bumpin', ya bitch
we wasn't stun no alphabet
That nigga been dissing on the gram like goddamn, y'all ain't got him yet

Feeling lonely I chase a check
By my lonely I
the whole
Came up kicking doors
Took TV’s and gold I wasn’t stun no hoes
No cookie but I want the door get money all a young nigga know
That’s all that I know
the suit that fits their eyes
I've arrived
This settings gonna hit me like an over-bloated stun
I'm sitting like a bug in a room full...
You were out-dealed
L'infâme infirme s'anime s't'un invincible

Keuk me call pour l'Mai Tai, chopper des vidéos 
Fudge débarque en solo, vénérer Kylo 
La janeoise sur l'careau,
Foreign cars for the whip
I aint stun' no funky bitch
Big 4 bought the building
And you know we kicking pimping
I aint stun' no money nigga
Swear to god
set to stun
And I may not be your first officer honey
But I’ll be your number one
And if you want more
I’ll be in Holodeck 4
And if you want more
I don't love
'Cause in the end
My feelings are only stun
I run to our places
Just to be close to you, my love
And everytime my heart
This a big stun, 12 gauge shotgun
Blow you bitches straight back where you came from
I invested all my love I want a refund
She a diva, she a demon,
paint a perfect picture for the Chi the art of the state
The state of the art is a major case

And I feel I'm the Chozen One always know to stun
Scarlett beauty in a bun
Oh Girly girl yah you stun
Smiling bright just like the sun 
Yah you're the one

Feeling sanguine
That's my type of thing
And I'm left alone waiting at the station
Please give me just a look
One look was all it took
To know I'd found the one
This light was set to stun
pumping using lies to cover down but I'm exposing they're deceit yeah

Uh uh uh we clandestine
Stay down undercover if they run up
Stun em and don't ever
like peacock
Always keep going can't stop at no pitstop
Fell off the face of the earth like a tear drop
My gun ain't safe i ain't stun no de-cock
Told her buckle up
Hit em with a flashbang stun
Got a 100 fucking kills
Don't make me run and gun
I'm counting too much cash hit a lick by the bunch
Chuis l'best j'arrive sud sud ouest
Stun gren' dans la poche et MP5 sous la veste
Warzone bratatata
Cric cric boum boum Warzone
Warzone Warzone
a championship
Someone get the drugs
I'ma need a lung
Feeling like the one
Terrified for what
Now I'm on the hunt
Came out in front
Yeah, I'm just a stun
10, it got recoil
I aint stun the fake love cuz its see through
If you stuck by my side, I wont leave you
Keep me right by yo side, dont let me go
4GN, Call me big 4
I been in my bag, thats why I aint been responding to nobody
I been in my bag I aint stun you niggas
I cant go out sad I
With The Gang
It's that Tay Way Shit 

See my creps they know who it is
Stone cold stun with the beers
Moving like Stig with
பொண்ண பாத்த மண்ண பாக்கும்
கண்ண பாத்தா stun ஆவாத
அவ அப்பன் வந்த அபீட்டாவோம்
ஆனா அப்புறமா repeat ஆவோம்
Hey single பசங்க
இப்போ mingle ஆக
you'll find something inside
You never knew was climbing out timing counts raise eyebrows 
Time in not out time is now 
Stun'em proud
Volume loud

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