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Stun Gun  


drip yea it stun niggas in they place
And we finna come with it, if them niggas with us in it then we straight

My nigga we straight
The bands they look
qui tourne s't'un bad trip
J'm'en vais fumer sur un mad spliff
J'pu là, mon gars, j'ai pris mad sip
J'ai la tête qui tourne s't'un bad
Stun bi löcri… hahahaha
Sté bi löcri n'ó nia dí che al ne s'an frega nia
Sté bi löcri n'ó nia dí che tlo ne falel nia
Sté bi löcri n'é nia ma aspeté
Grand Theft Auto
On these bitches
Sleepy Hollow
On these bitches
Stun like a model
They in stitches

Call me goofy like I'm a goober
Not a groupie so
Alright you know it's on 
Maybe for a second, for a minute moment didn't want.
Anything but copy 1
(On the stun)
Cool they in this crush
If you talkin' shit we gon' make you run
Leave you in a stun, hunnid bitches not one
Pockets fat like ton, and we doin' it all day

Chillin' with my
to move

Nothing to rival
This heavy load
Pray for survival
End of the road

You're on the run from the stun of the flame thrower
Sealing your fate,
some trouble, boy, and try to explain

Defcon! Tractor beams! 
Weaponized Funk
In walks Barbarella, set to stun
Defcon! Tractor beams! 
Gamma ray
See you in the morning
Nah I don't curl up I just roll out all day earner
Oi yo

Old man from young, cold and stun, might get spun, mic get stung,
hop, ain't hop, ain't hop (Hop hop)
They can't handle our club, our club, our club, our club
All my jewelry's are stun, are stun, are stun, are stun
them coming but never running 
I stun them and son em with this
No body do what I did 

I got the secret weapon
I guard it with my life 
I'm filled with
that foreign 
Louis Vuitton on that cart girl 
Bitches yea be hating 
What the fuck do they want girl 
Bitches yea be hating yea of course 
Yea you stun
explorando o nível que você 
nunca chegou,

One flag one Death
Hit backstab, stun my bad !
blink nos zerg,

yeah! pk nos vermes !
pk nos vermes yeah  
pk nos
hop, ain't hop, ain't hop (Hop hop)

They can't handle our club
Our club, our club, our club
All my jewelry's are stun
Are stun, are stun, are stun
Still got the badge, still got the gun
Still got the patch, still got the stun
Still got the cash, bitch, I burn it for fun
Put the Glock to my
She badder than a 2 year old
The world wants some
Headliner on sexy than a bitch dot com
And the moment she walk pass
Leaving everybody stun
Cuz we
It's just a matter of circumstance
Find me, shoot first, don't stun
On the run, on the run
On the run, on the run
You made me
Think for a moment
say time has come
I am the one
You had a chance now you done
I am the one
This beat will have you stun
Yeah They call me th30
Yeah I'm the real one

Walk thru (Walk thru) Inna room (Inna room)
Man a young nigga ain't stun you (Uh-ooh)
Too much money goin' on
Ian shit like them other dudes
Time, we all want more
But we really got not a lot
Want to stop, slow down
Try to get it all done
When we don't got what we want
Phasers set to stun
slipped when I really got mad stun (for real) 
Cop a perk and slide it right in (right in) 
Shit's weird just call it perk-ins (perk-ins) 
My shawty, she
around with a frown
Like a bumbling clown
Like a punch-drunk fighter coming undone
Oh, shot with a stun gun try and try again
I try this, I try that,

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to stun
You better run

(What you mean by, "It never set on stun?")
You know
(Supposed to be on stun)
(Get yourself hurt, son)

Let me break it down

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