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(Be strong)
Don't let go, don't let go
(Keep on, uh, yeah, keep it flowin' y'all)

You struggle through your days, workin' then you out
If God ain't
While the rich man try to play Pretty Boy Floyd
While the working class just struggles hard
Try to make ends meet against all odds
a hustla, homey
N*** ask a, n***, n*** ask about me
N*** ask a, n***, n*** ask about me

This for all my n*** that's goin' through the struggle
and deal with the paparazzi
I struggle with lots of issues daily, mostly online from the comments I see
My shit's whack and I should quit rap?
If I catch
sorry, you don't need it more than me
And bitch, I'm tired of this struggle, ducking and dodging them puddles 
Wondering if God ever hear the prayers I
'Cause I pay her well (I do)
She struggle with cash and I stress a lot, so it's easy, bro (it is)
Bitch, you know damn well
I need you and you need me,
I been goin' through some things
Said can I take some time and vent?
I was strugglin', now I got different struggles now that I'm gettin' rich
I know the struggle and I owe
No one to nothing at all (Godspeed)

Yea, remember when I was fucked up won't nobody give me nothing (nothing,
come With the permission of the Pope no longer CHACUCHA CUCHU CUCHA JEE can imparar me! I have for the pressure, struggle with the situation speaks with
like a level in this game that we live 
Gotta struggle to survive, that's why some MC's get blitzed 
Situations got your mind in control, that's how
To people beefin' and things, squeakin' on they beefs for weeks
Mr. President, it's evident, nobody really care
For a struggle out the gutter, twenty-two
peace a piece on my streets
To people beefin' and things, squeakin' on they beefs for weeks
Mr. President, it's evident, nobody really care
For a struggle
Who would have ever dreamed we hit the studio later,
Its like I owe them bassers, for making me take this serious
Wasn't for the struggle 'cause, you
candle extinguished
I struggle to walk a path I cannot see
And the rain keeps coming down

The darkness grows with every step
I could cut it with
for my ancestors that died for these ways
I struggle to stand on broke legs and tell them it wasn't in vain

If our ancestors came back and asked us
broke, didn't want to struggle so
Buy half and eight ball, hit the block runnin'
Though the world was mine, till I saw the cops coming
And it's too late
so they fall out
Whip, double roof, dog barkin' on the dog house
And I gotta give 'em the Lyt
My people in the struggle, I gotta give 'em a fight
is under constant threat.
Against this background of fear
We struggle to create our own authority.
While being bludgeoned into conformity
niet investeert
Zo vaak gefilosofeerd, de struggle niet geaccepteerd
Zo was ik niet
Ruik je naar slang dan ik mag je niet
Mijn ogen zijn laag door

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