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an attack
Swing blades the size of a sting ray

[Bugzy Bogart]
SeSo M S N Strictly Live is

What is, Where is, Who is
SixXx is, are E you is
could fly like a bee
With a sting but could never fight me
Call it Bulletproof, Teflon with a voice
And track that hard just to put it through

'Cuz it's
the body sting round here/
Big star body, kill off every dirty gal roll near/
Bitch bust a shot and FIYA, two shots FIYA FIYA, put the pussy pon FIYA/
won't collapse like Jojo they fiendin'
That's a no no Northpole is blingin'
If I ain't the king of the ring
If life is a bee I'm the king of the sting
not just any couple 
More Jay and B 
We drunk in love off Henny doubles 
Come get a couple 
Renovatin' with my n***a Yung Stet 
In a mu*****n Sting Ray
before I lay 'em
But you won't take the sting out these words before I say 'em
'Cause ain't no way I'm a let you stop me from causin' mayhem
When I say
et casse toi

J’suis cerné, 
les étalons a mèche et les pantalon strech
J’suis cerné, 
Les p’tit haut taille xs et les sting dans les fesses 
[Swizz Beatz]
Yo stop the tape, hold on
Listen man, this Swizz
It's not a game, it's going down
We ain't playing wit y'all
Scorpion, sting that
French on my feet cost a buck fifty
I don't swing from a pole, Missy swing from a tree
I'm Muhammad Ali 'cause I can sting like a bee

sting that I did neglect her]]
Cause I'm a busy man
Busy busy, yes I am
And I've been tryin' baby girl make you understand
I'm a guy for just
que son heure sonne
Mais pour ça, il en a bouffer des castings
Pas facile avec les antibiotiques de chanter comme Sting
Mais quand résonnait sa voix
Way back when I've been putting it down
Ask your homies who's the baddest bitch on this side of town
I float like a butterfly sting like a bee,
where I bleed
Stings like a bee, I ain't there Ali
People funnel the cake, the only fair I see
One for the money, two for the show
I do it for free if
It should've been you
Work hard and gi' you everything, boo
Me tek you to me first Sting too
Tek you, tek your virginity like Indu
know acknowledging my worth stings, my mama birthed kings
Yet I get treated just the opposite
Despite I'm either out of this world or sitting on top
a nigga feel the sting 
When I hit them with the Willie Beam
I'll put your Bitch in a chicken Wing
And now she wanna get clipped
Clean her out like
the butterfly that they're tryna pimp
And pack a sting for those buzzing 'round your honeybee
But never sweating when it's coming to the currency
The money
like Sting and Slash
Now peng tings wanna call man back
I'm a rockstar like Jeff or Matt
Call my young thug, watch man get slapped
Boy Better Know
have her doing lines
Smoke it snort it fuck an informant
Fuck if you hate me it ain't dat important
Sting dat ass like a Charlotte Hornet
Suck my dick
like a savage
And MO30, bullet proof tuxedos, transactions, see-notes for the kilos
'Bout our money, killa bees love the honey, puttin' a sting
the body, and knows who I'ma ruin
When I float like a dead body and sting like peroxide on wounds
I'm rollin a fatty like death is comin believe it
pop a couple of doze
Lil Ripsta, nigga Mista Clean
Nigga Dean, deep in my temple and not to get
Sentimentally sting, wit my
Instrumelody, and heated
extortion sting (yeah) with gunplay
Like Pacino in the original script for Chinese Coffee (yeah, uh-huh)
Like the Tribe of Malachi (get 'em)
What makes you
dread my stings
Dead my flings - cop ? and spread my wings
See, life's a bitch and I hit 'er for one thing
Long-dick her 'til I hear her sing

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