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in my mindstate
Masterbate in your clutches, I want you for self
Like wealth, so play me closely
Bitches paranoia for the sting, who want the most
slot; time for pumpin
Poisonous sting which thumps up and act chumps
Raise a heavy generator
But yo, guess who's the black Trump?
Dough be flowin by
inch long, strong, Bobby pop the bitch thongs
Spit on her, then I banged on my chest like Kong King
Merciless Meng, point the killa bee sting
Ring dings
Bobby pop the bitch thongs
Spit on her, then I bang on my chest like Kong King
Merciless Ming, point the killer bee sting
Ring dings, right through your
God thank ye, motherfuckers actin' cranky
Stanky, attitudes be janky
I think he, gon' hafta feel the sting from the rang on my panky

You ain't
ya, from catchin' the vapors
Rhymes that'll sting your face like a quick jab
And I'm rubbin' em in just like vicks say I'm
Captivatin, dominatin,
late but
I holla at you when I'm done
Don't stay up
Will love play with us?
It sting like paper cuts
Doused in alcohol
But if it's real
They ain't no
scheaming like DeNiro in Casino
Son better have more coke than Al Pacino
Keana ain't telling no lies, last year she did a sting and a half
And Tymeek
in prison
ripped this cat for a ring that glistened
pullin' off them stings like a tradition
stay schemin' like Latin Kings up in the system
move with
cuts, devious Devastator hot tracks bang
Very marvelous hearts string, wobbly dart sting
Melody, plated in gold, but hold the legacy
Destiny, to the death
a chilly willy thing 

I need an igloo in Alaska to escape Lucifer's sting 

[Chorus (x2)] 

[various talk to fade]
Like Harrison Ford I'm getting Frantic
Like Sting I'm Tantric
Like Snickers, guaranteed to satisfy

Like Kurosawa I make mad films
Okay I don't make
a hostile swing
Kiss my Redemption with a fist full of sting
Swift with the gifts, it's the God Body Squad
It's not a myth, we defy all laws
Now, reach
Jolt of electricity
Sting with synchronicity
Scorpions' tail snaps
Crippling simplicity
Walk through the desert
Warm breath
Creates a sandstorm
Knowin' it's, unfair
Gun here, throw in a extra clip
Cause I'm next to flip
Next time, bring in a next rhyme, cause I
Float like dead body, sting like
gold-rocking, 40-swigging nigga
Figure me out, maneuver me, sue me for getting into ya
Sting like another word for the cops
Zen master, classes held on the wax
switched on. 

Let go of everything.
Cross the wires like the needles sting.
It's time to turn me on, 
Till I come undone. 

Stand back. Close your
everyday we haffi sing
Live up you passion because we know it must live
Who a try test you with negative get a sting
Them kick up a ground and still bow
can't look at it
The truth stings a little when you look at it
We creatin' a mold of bad habits
When the teacher got eleven year old's that blast
cause we're dropping some shit!

Fly like a jet, sting like a hornet
Knuckleheads get live and set it off if you want it
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels is
Yo stop the tape, hold on
Listen, man, this Swizz
It's not a game, it's going down
We ain't playing wit y'all
Scorpion, sting that ass
And we
Yo stop the tape, hold on
Listen man, this Swizz
It's not a game, it's going down
We ain't playing wit y'all
Scorpion, sting that ass
And we
to Red Foxx

Sting international in the house

Dave Kennedy on the boards

Knowhati'msayin? the one Rafael

Nuff respect to the God sincere
why we level cats
This is called rebel rap
Where's your pump and medal at (Pump it)
Blep, blep, blep, blep let your heat sting
(International g

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