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ya stash at?
Bend my last rack doing head at
Why? Cause you a muthafuckin' street punk!

I don't know if ya heard of me
But you heard them shots
whip, old school Caddy,
The dump truck,
A stash spot,
Then came up,
It's more 1's nigga,
Versace sheets,
Serve is more money in a new fleet
stuff from coast to coast (locster)
Won't never getting closed always get ghost, geah

If you need me fast cash - hustle man
Bitch all in your stash -
Was forced to retire

So dig out the films
And all those yellowed clippings
Do them up then stash them for good

Then raise your hand
coming on the judgment day

Hey some people got a lot to answer for
But you keep on going

Poor Matilda hoarding her stash
Shivered on top of a bed
gone so fast
Cause he travels first class
With his now and powie stash
And his heart unofficial glass

[Chorus x2]
crash, way she ridin', ridin'
It's up in my stash, not up in my pockets (stash)
They put on that mask and they get to robbin' (mask)
I came a long way,
Oh weekend
Benny took downs in class
The principal found his stash
His mother's gonna get his ass

Oh Weekend
In his room he'll stay
You gave me your ace card 
I gave you my time 
In a day of confusion 
I said I'd stash it with mine 
But now my temperatures rising 
My back has
Squintin' his eyes and the driver kills his lights
Ignites his stash, he's a Plymouth Satellite

Wonder what it could be like
Just look then
Some money costs way too much
Tryin to find a place to hide the stash
So the cops won't bust they ass
Pickin up freaks while ridin in a Benzo
it's just between us
My silence can be bought
Blackmail . . . blackmail

I was looking through your closet
When I found your water bong
Your stash
Lil' O and [Big Moe] 2x each
And another one 
[And another one]

Chorus [Big Moe] 2x
Get back Get back 
All you haters trying to get my stash
found our little stash
But they didn't know what it was and let us go
Minus eighty bucks in cash. 

For a misplaced stash, let's search through the trash
And write this ignorant lurch, wicked urge

Raise the gab above a whisper, speak to sound
pan alley songs
Panhandling in front of tourists with the camera phones
Get it how you live
Or live till you get it
Get it in

When the stash low
gotta get rich
Fuck these niggas, fuck these bitches
Ain't got time for y'all bullshit
I want a big bad, big bag, big house, big stash, a lot of cash
Tell your sister that I told her so
Tie the shirt into another bow
Take a dip into the stash you stole

If you think I'm gonna leave that golden girl
Started feeling up the fortune
Stash away in the hit and play
Thinking how their birth in on day
Everything's gonna be undone
Everything's gonna
Chase and Status
King Push

D boy, dark side, stash money, archive
R.I.P. nigga, that's me nigga, that's all eyes
Seein' me with them hoes,
Chase and Status
King Push

D boy, dark side, stash money, archive
R.I.P. nigga, that's me nigga, that's all eyes
Seein' me with them hoes,
Redistribution is the name of the game
All the cash that you stash man
We're gonna give away
Lizard man beware
This is the digital underclass
Coming from
the stash house
George its 200 bricks in there stupid

Ha that's what he told George man
What up oh yeah, if you sellin nickels 'n' dimes
Then you nickel
out the best in you
If you rap, you better spit that shit 
N you better sell that shit too
If you steal, don't rob a store
Rob the stash house

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