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and there getting kinda naughty 
All these niggas looking, are they really about to squab it 
Go ahead and jump on a grenade and just squash it

Damn , my
Niggas always think they closer than they are to me
Got some niggas, they some shooters they gon' squab for me
I don't need nobody around me that ain't
of Eiht
On the mike, I take care of business, I do my job
Don't preprare, just beware when I'm ready to squab
Make a note, program it in your memory bank
If I get into a squab
Yeah he's just a pup but he knows what's up
We don't no dialog
Why can't she, be more like my dog
Yeah, why can't she, be
I wouldn't have learned it but its obvious.
You know this niggas don't wanna squab wit us.
Puff them up like puffy stuff.
That's definite.
Everybody in the car, be like who what's that

Louis Vatone, excuse me son
What time, will my car be done
Don't bother me none, need to squab a gun
dope track, know what I'm sayin' what yo

[Verse 1]
Yo we them hard hitters
Them drag you out the yard niggaz
Bout to squab triggers
That leave you in
all odds 
Always down to squab Dogg, Pound for life 
I survive 'til '95 
Day after day makin' hits wit D-A-Z to get paid, yeah-yeah-yeah 

for they goose down
motherfuckers moght squab or even shoot rounds
we got chased by the jakes to stay in shape
in these ghetto triathlons you do
at us when we squab
Brand new through the blocks

It's playa Dame and Hollow
Sidin with that nigga Mic
Parlays and stripes
Got me racing
Seats feel like it’s squab
Getting the guap
I just went shopping
Fuck on the friend the one that’s blocking
Living life like it’s a project
ever had to daddy
Helped him with his school and then taught him how to squab
Momma wasn't around, cause see she had three jobs
Cause daddy done tracked
if you fronted..
Dat' mean...
you ain't really want it...
We can squab,
Poppin' pistols...
Mane you know
I come from it...
You don't side
Imma get
the MOB
If you fuck with one of us, the whole club about to squab
Your bitch gettin' shot, even your mama gettin' robbed
Fuck try'na hold haah, I sold rock,
I ain't into losing
Talking Crenshaw king, that's what we be cruising
Get my point across, so I never have to prove it
Squab wit a nigga, I ain't into
Take a hit, hit the strip and then get to pervin' 


Squa, Squa,Squab music 

Mobb Music 

Right on a muthfucka and draw down on his ass
don't give a fuck
Ya want to squab, yo, what the fuck is up?
My nigga Trip got a nine for ya ass
Talk shit, mothafucka, and we blast
Three sixes' the code
a rotten lather
Ensanguine mix of excreta and chyme, the cleanser I have gathered
Putrescent spilth and human chum squab over the lip of my tub
Soaking in
still the same
I grind full time, while you niggaz don't squab a heavyweight in this game
I was told you gotta get up and get it, depending on what you
is sizzling hot,
mr. gob for his squab,
a marine for his queen,
a g.i. for his cutie-pie is not
'cause it's too, too,
too darn hot!

It's too darn hot!
boy I roll with a mob
I got niggas on my team, that just fiend to squab
Smoking pounds snorting lines, fucking minds I'm so scandalous
Leave the balling

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