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don't wanna calm down, I've lost it

I don't care right now, I'm on a messy one
And I'll dash anybody into anyone
Man'll get splashed in the face with
to camp
Cats was excited, had the whole hood amped
From the get, jumper wet
It was damned 'til you had the game
Then it splashed in your face, [?]
She ain't buggin', sat on the crate, and then we mashed to the 'tele,
Fucked her face, beat up the pussy, then I splashed on her belly,
Scored my
I get splashed
Rollex on my wrist
Ridin' round the candy paint
Bentley Wanessa we swagged out on the regular
In the club and I'm turned up
everyone round me and spent it all just when I needed it
I made a mil' and splashed it, did it all again
This time round, can't even trust myself, let
mama, shawty shake something
Get it from your mama, shawty shake something
Get it from your mama, shawty shake something

Splashed on the scene, teeth
you know if I splashed up darg

She said she loved but she meant to
Designer attire looking mad move
I like my gyal cute and I like my waps
wanna talk feelings, meet and greeting, me, I just smashed then leaving
They talk 'bout beefing, diss, diss, sneaking, niggas get splashed for speaking
know I ain't missing (bow)
Active, don't mad me, get splashed
This dotty inhale mans frass
Headshot gang, release my shank
Ain't on piss, them boy
and Sam met Trinny and Susanne
And Peter, Paul and Anne at the pool
The weather got hot
They splashed around a lot getting cool

Oh you provide
the drillers when the nigga got whacked (got whacked)
Tell the chingers in the whips I'm tryna get a man splashed (baow-baow)
If I pull up with my hitter then
a ganja farmer
Your daddy betta hide his daughter
Shake her bonda just like I taught her
Splashed her bonda with holy water
Lickle spice for the winter
'Til you end up in scrubs in the vile
I really used to love whilin'
Think how much P's I splashed on designer
But how am I gonna dash all this cash
not suit you well
Searching at the darkest hour
Seems so silly when you look back now

Then out with friends one Sunday afternoon
You splashed

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